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Gmail bouncing back emails -- need help!


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Hi everyone,

In the last few weeks, TCH-hosted emails that I send to some Gmail email addresses are bouncing back with the following message:


<REMOVED@gmail.com>: host alt1.gmail-smtp-in.l.google.com[]
    said: 421-4.7.0 This message does not have authentication information or
    fails to pass 421-4.7.0 authentication checks. To best protect our users
    from spam, the 421-4.7.0 message has been blocked. Please visit 421-4.7.0
    https://support.google.com/mail/answer/81126#authentication for more 421
    4.7.0 information. l48-v6si11256510jak.83 - gsmtp (in reply to end of DATA


Here are some notes about my situation:

  • I'm sending using the latest version of Outlook desktop using a Telus connection.  (Telus is one of the largest telcos in Canada.)
  • I don't usually receive the bounce back message for several hours.  In the meantime I have no idea whether the recipient has received my message.
  • The Google link in the message refers to bulk messages.  These are NOT bulk messages.  Just a single recipient.
  • These are always Gmail addresses that I've messaged with before.  Mostly they are clients and I'm replying to their messages.
  • It appears that not every Gmail address bounces back.  Some go through, some bounce back after a period of time.
  • Sometimes the message goes through when I resend it.  Other times it bounces back again with the same error.
  • This has been ongoing for 2-3 weeks now.
  • TCH support says everything is configured properly on the back end.  They suggested opening a support ticket with Google.  Good luck with that...
  • I've Googled and found this thread, but no solution.

Any ideas???  Emails bouncing back from clients is a very troublesome scenario.

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I can understand your concern but what Google is providing is generic error messages from which we can not finalize if the issue is on our end or your ISP. If you remember we had worked on this issue via ticket opened and a test to my gmail account just worked without any issues and this is why we suggested you to check directly with google support. We are ready to help you more on this and do more tests,  just reopen the ticket or open a new one and we will help you for sure.




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It's not just a concern.  It's a big impediment to communicating with my clients.

Just because a test to your Gmail account went through doesn't mean there isn't still an intermittent problem.  There is still a problem.  I've had several of these bounce back messages since I submitted the support ticket.

I'll reopen the ticket now.  Thanks.

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