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Times Reported By Server In Php Don't Recognise Dst

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The web pages that I am currently writing (in PHP) report errors including a timestamp to the file /home/xxxxxxx/logs/main.log. The times reported are UTC. I have the following in my PHP:
which I believe should set it to use the stated timezone throughout my site, which should (I think) recognise DST, so should now report UTC +01:00. It is not doing so.
I thave changed the PHP code that writes to the log file to this:
$logmsg = gmdate("[d-M-Y H:i:s e I P T] ") . "on " . $hostname . " " ....
and it is now outputting:
[06-Apr-2017 16:19:50 UTC 0 +00:00 GMT] on localhost L_TRACE at line 96 ....

from which you can see that it thinks it is outputting UTC. I think the problem is that it is just not switching to the timezone I have requested.

Please can you suggest why it is not outputting GMT/DST, i.e. UTC +01:00, or what I need to do to find out what is causing this problem?

Thank you - Rowan

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Hi Rowan,



This issue should now be resolved. Your local version of php.ini (/home/USERNAME/php.ini) was overriding the date_default_timezone_set function. I have changed date.timezone value in that file to "Europe/London". Could you please try again and let me know if the problem persists?

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Thanks for your help with this. Now the system error log is reporting the correct time in GMT with DST, but the PHP log is still reporting GMT without DST. I have removed all the calls to date_default_timezone_set() in my PHP files but it is still the same. To generate the PHP log my code is:

$logmsg = gmdate("[d-M-Y H:i:s e I P T] ") . "on " . $hostname . " " . $loglevels[$level] . " " . $msg . " at line " . $line . " in file " . $file . PHP_EOL;

The text produced in the log file is (example):

[10-Apr-2017 11:47:18 UTC 0 +00:00 GMT] on localhost L_TRACE Redirecting to Location: http://www.sylvesterbradley.org/swchoir/welcome.php using header at line 302 in file /home/xxx/include/initialise.php

Any idea why it is doing this, or what I can do to correct it?


Please can you explain how the date.timezone = in the PHP.ini file interacts with the date_default_timezone_set() in a PHP file. Does one override the other? Which takes precedence? Or if I use one, does using the other cause an error? Which way round?


Ideally I would like the PHP file to determine which timezone it uses, if necesary overriding what is written in the PHP.ini file, since one section of the web site may require a different timezone than another. Or I may want to reflect the timezone of the particular user that has logged on.


Thanks - Rowan

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Scripts default to the php parameters including timezone as set on the server's php.ini config. If you set a local php.ini (this needs to be set via cpanel -> MultiPHP INI Editor), then the default values will be overridden by what is set on the local ini file.

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