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  1. We're reviewing your request and update this thread once we have more information.
  2. Hello and thanks for contacting us. We will update this forum thread (for cookie.tchmachines.com) with any new updates as they happen ( including your new IP address ). Please follow this forum thread for receiving all updates related to your server through email.
  3. As the server was failing to come back online due to some problems with raid array, we had to restore the server to entirely new hardware. All restores completed as of around 2 hours ago. We are just going through and verifying things. If you are having any issues, please open a ticket via our Help Desk so that our techs can check it out and assist you. Thank you for your understanding and patience while this was being worked upon.
  4. Upgrade Complete! If you encounter any problem with your account after this migration, please contact support immediately.
  5. We will be starting the upgrade in a few minutes.
  6. As part of the continued improvements to the TotalChoice Hosting server farm, we will be migrating all accounts on this server to a new server between July 27 - July 31. This will provide you with more power, stability and potential to further expand your business. You will not need to make any IP changes or DNS modifications from your end if you are using our nameservers. If you are using external nameservers or pointing the domain via IP from outside, you will need to update the IP to the one mentioned below. Please note that this needs to be done only after the migration is reported a
  7. Restore complete. The server is all new hardware, able to give you very high performance and stability for years to come. If you are having any issues, please open a ticket via our Help Desk so that our techs can check it out and assist you. Thank you for your understanding and patience while this was being worked upon.
  8. Restoration is still continuing. Getting closer to normal. Please hold on for further updates.
  9. The restoration is still in progress. This is taking longer than originally expected, although no issues are detected. Our NOC team has made some changes to the setup to improve performance and restores are now progressing quicker. Thank you for your patience.
  10. cPanel install and server prep are completed. We are starting the restore of the backups now.
  11. We have been seeing drive issues with the server over the last couple of hours. In spite of disk checks the server continues to be unstable and so we have decided to do a restore to entirely new hardware. We will be using the backup that is available on the secondary disk. The brand new server has been provisioned and currently we are preparing this server to restore the accounts. cPanel is installing now.
  12. We have taken this server (goose.tchmachines.com) down for an emergency disk maintenance. We will update this forum post when the server is back online and all services restored. We thank you for your patience and apologise for any inconvenience.
  13. Hi Erin mysql_pconnect extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0, and it was removed in PHP 7.0.0. This issue was occurring because your site was set to use our default PHP version, which we recently changed to PHP 7.3. You can view our announcement of this change and how to select a different version at https://blog.totalchoicehosting.com/2020/03/notice-default-php-version-change/ To correct this for your sites, we have set your site to use the older PHP 5.5 version via cPanel and it appears to be loading fine. I recommend contacting the author of your script to see if they offer a newe
  14. Hello, We will be changing the default PHP version on our Shared and Reseller servers to 7.3 on March 9th, 2020. PHP 7.3 has been around long enough and has already become widely compatible with different CMS’s, themes and plugins. Currently, the default PHP version is set to 5.6 which as many of you will know, is now end of life and unsupported by the developers. This change to PHP Version 7.3 will only affect domains that have not explicitly set a PHP Version. If you are running a PHP based website or application and you have kept it regularly updated to the latest version, you sh
  15. This maintenance work has been completed. If you are experiencing any issues with your service, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our helpdesk.
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