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Email Sending Issue Across All Servers

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We have been tracking an issue with outbound email from our server farm for the past couple hours and we believe that we have tracked down the issue. It appears an cPanel update has made some changes to our custom email configurations and has interrupted the outbound email.


Our server engineers have made changes to the servers that should correct this issue. Any email that you sent should be in the servers email queue and we are pushing out the queues from each server now.


Please accept our sincere apologizes for this issue and know that our entire staff has been working with this issue since it first was presented to us.


If you have a help desk ticket open, and we are currently flooded with tickets, we are doing our best to reply to each ticket.

Please be patient with us as we work on the replies.


We will post further updates to this issue and please keep tuned here on this forum thread for more updates.


Also, please note this has not effected any inbound email.

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It appears the issue with the outbound email has been fixed, we have gotten replies out to all our clients and things are looking good.


If your still having issues, please do let us know and we will get them solved for you.

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