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New Communications Methods From Tch


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Hello TCH Family,

As part of our ongoing effort to continue offering the most reliable and cost effective hosting on the planet, we are making changes to the way that we will be communicating with our clients.

One of the most requested items was to allow our clients to pick and choose what forms of communications they receive from us.  Therefore, effective as of this blog post we will be maintaining several different emailing lists that will allow us to communicate to our clients.  These lists will consist of news, maintenance, incidents and advisories.  This will allow clients to unsubscribe from one list but not another.

We have opted to move away from the fancy HTML based emails and we will be utilizing simple plain text emails to communicate.  We received quite a bit of feed back from the HTML based newsletters that we were sending and all of the feedback was negative.

If you are a client of TCH, your name and email address will be placed on each unique mailing list that we maintain.  If you prefer not to receive updates from us please use the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.  This will of course be a one time removal request for that specific email list.

Thank you for your business and we hope this helps in our efforts to better communicate with our hosting family.

Happy Hosting!


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