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Update: Cispa


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Last week, on the same day that we blogged about what CISPA is, The House Of Representatives passed the bill (288-127) for the second time. Because of the huge amounts of lobbying money thrown at congress by corporations in favor of this bill, such as Google, it was expected to pass in The Senate. After it passed The House, CISPA was expected to go to the Senate, however to the surprise of most, The Senate said that they will not even consider voting on CISPA which dealt a huge blow to the bill and its supporters. However, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, left us with this statement: “We are currently drafting a bipartisan information sharing bill and will proceed as soon as we come to an agreement.”



As we mentioned in our last CISPA blog post, TotalChoice Hosting is against CISPA and all related bills because they would forever change the internet for the worse. This is why people need to continue to fight for internet freedoms without opposition and bills like PIPA and SOPA. Such bills would infringe on not only our rights, but our privacy. For everyone that advocated against the bill, whether it was through signing a petition, calling your local congressman, or spreading awareness, we here at TCH would like to thank you for protecting the internet as we know it! Through the power of the internet and by strength of numbers, we the people can be heard!


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