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Server Shut Down For Unknown Reasons.


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So, by and large we have been pretty happy with our time at TCH. In fact, I would say its been outright uneventful (good thing in the server world) except for 2 events.


Here I sit today when we start getting reports that our server isnt responding. I jump in with live support and they say that the Billing department has closed the server. Well darn, I say to myself thinking that the card on file expired or whatever. Imagine my surprise when I find that the card is not only valid but has paid for the current month. Confused I check my emails from TCH to find a big fat goose egg as to the explaination. Ironically, I did get a confirmation of payment for the month, so happy dance about that.


Anyway, I will confess I am most irrate at those most bogus of actions by the billing department. Now, I will give them the benefit of the doubt that this was for a reason since, you know, I doubt they throw darts at servers to randomly shut them down but since I have literally no explaination as to the reason I can only hope thats the case.


So assuming that they had a reason, the validity of which has yet to be determined because, you know, I am like a mushroom on the why right now, I still have one major problem with this whole process: Lack of notice and professionalism most foul on the part of the billing department. Yes, yes, I am aware, private company and I am sure there is a TOS that covers such contingencies in full on, mind numbing legalease. However, that does not change the fact that a simple email regarding the problem BEFORE shutting the server down would make me feel all warm and fuzzy right now. I feel no warmth and a distinct lack of fuzz.


In fact, I have even submitted a ticket to billing for some idea of what happen less the bus back up and run us over again. ((Checks email)) with still no response PLUS still no initial email saying "Hey we are going to turn off your server, neener neener." This is dread, mon, truly dread.


Anyway, there is a ray of light to this situation. Total choice live support continues to rock and TCH can thank Antonyo for my restricting this to this forum only. I have a few thousand followers between social networking and our sites, most of which are people who use server companies. Antonyo's help is the only reasons this post is going only here and not across at least a couple hundred displays.


Oh and please dont take my levity here as lack of sincerity. I am actually seething and humor is the way I keep from unloading with both barrels. I realize our little business is not making you rich but we are certainly paying our bills and worth getting what we pay for arent we?


Anyway, thanks again Antonya for your help and professionalism.

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Bala, I do not accept your apology because its not necessary. It was a simple miscommunication under wartime stress. I blame no one here but the pustules on the behind of a plague ridden baboon that did the attack. I offer my apologies though for not waiting longer but when I was mistakenly informed of the reason it reminded me of one other time we were turned off without notice. So, I reacted. I am glad to see that issue has been quashed and TCH continues to provide a great service.

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