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I Want To Take My Website Offline Temporarily.

Mrs. Muddled

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Apparently I have too much spare time on my hands. You already know that means trouble coming! :sleepy:


I would like to "play" with my old mrsmuddled website and maybe try another WordPress.org template, just to see how it looks. I've messed around with templates before and wrecked everything. Thank heavens TCH helper elves always seem to be able to save me from myself and return the site to it's original magnificence.


I'd like to take the website offline - do some experimenting and see if I find a template that I like better and then put the site back online.


What I need to know is: How do I do this AND, if I end up making a huge botch of my site what exactly do I have to do once I access my cpanel to get everything back to an old backup.


I'm sure all of this info is buried somewhere on the forum ... I just can't find it.





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You don´t need to go do this "offline".

Just set up a wordpress playground (and a new database for the playground) in a sub folder in your TCH server space.

Then it would be "online" but no one would know about it unless you gave them the adress (example.net/subfolder).

When you are done playing, just replace the content in public_html with the content in the subfolder.

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Thanks Thomas.


I think that sounds like a great idea. I shall work on this tomorow and see if I can set something up without doing too much permanent damage. It sounds pretty simple. That's probably a bad sign.


If you hear screaming in the distance ... it's just me. :surrender:



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