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Sub Domain Mapping Url

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I know that when I define a sub-domain, I define what directory I am directed to. IOW: Going X.domain is the same as going to www.domain/directory. My question is if I can define it so that in lieu of it being www.domain/directory, it will map to something like "www.domain/directory/script.php?a=x&b=y"? When I try it screams about not liking the ? (and maybe some of the other characters). Can I get the result I want by using %xx in lieu of the banned symbols?


Thank you.

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The server should accept a url with a ? in it. If it didn't how would you pass variables? Maybe it has something to do with you defiing the folder as a subdomain. You can open a ticket with the help desk. Maybe they can point you in the right direction.

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