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Set Up Email Accounts For Forwarded Domains?


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My client has a number of different domains registered through TCH. Only ONE live site, all the other domains are forwarded to that one main site.


He would like to be able to set up email accounts for the other domains -- example he would like an email set up for steve@otherdomain.com - otherdomain.com is one of his forwarded domains.


What do I need to do/need to purchase in order to be able to set up email accounts for the forwarded domains (like otherdomain.com).



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Glad to hear you got an answer and sorry for the slow reply.


Just in case anyone else comes across this, here is the short answer:

-Log into your cPanel.

-Locate and click the Email Accounts icon.

-At the end of the fist text box(where you enter the new email@ name)you will find a dropdown box.

-This dropdown will contain a list of any parked domains as well as any sub domains you have created.

-Select the domain you want to use and complete the new Email Account setup.

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