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  1. I've had to submit numberous support tickets for my site on the Picard Server, the only responce I ever get is "sorry" we'll unblock it, after awhile that isn't the answer I want to hear espeically when I'm trying to send email to an important client and it gets kicked back for being blocked. I've directly requested more action everytime I submit a ticket and will again the next time it happens - only this time I'll include a link to this post so they can see that more can be done!
  2. I have sites on 3 different severs, page are not loading or they are timed out "server is taking too long to respond" email is also down.
  3. I'm not sure if you were still working on it or not... but I was able to go in and fix some of the issues on my site. If I continue to have issues I will submit a support ticket, thank you!
  4. Thanks for the quick work on this issue. I have two sites that are back without any issues however one of the sites is back but not functioning correctly, it uses Wordpress - some of the pages are missing completely and some of the functionality is not functioning and the home page goes to an error page. photomelange.com is the site. the index files are not the index files left by the hackers. But if this was restored from a recent backup it was not restored correctly. I'm not sure at this point what to do...
  5. I just started using formmail.php for a simple form on my site, which I will also be using on client sites. However, the recipient is setup to my email, yet I am also getting another email at my TCH username from the server -- blahblahblah@picard.tchmachines.com How do I stop getting email from the server? I know my clients (also with sites hosted here on TCH) will find this to be a problem too, so how do I stop it? I'm using the free code from http://www.tectite.com Thanks in advance.
  6. Nevermind, I submitted a support ticket and have my answer....
  7. My client has a number of different domains registered through TCH. Only ONE live site, all the other domains are forwarded to that one main site. He would like to be able to set up email accounts for the other domains -- example he would like an email set up for steve@otherdomain.com - otherdomain.com is one of his forwarded domains. What do I need to do/need to purchase in order to be able to set up email accounts for the forwarded domains (like otherdomain.com). Thanks.
  8. Is Ultimate Form Mail still worth the cost of the license or are there other resources someone can point me to that are FREE? I've tried a couple online form generators but they never seem to work for one reason or the other (because they are free maybe). I've used UFM before, and I know Jack is/was associated with TCH, but not sure if UFM is still supported (the site hasn't been updated in a couple years it looks like) and if it's worth paying the fee or if anyone knows one of the free online form generators that work... thanks
  9. Just came here to sign up a client for a hosting package and can't seem to find the original 4.00/month hosting plan... is that plan no longer being offered?
  10. Thanks but never mind I just added the directories, then set up a redirect file in there with some php code I found and it worked.
  11. I have moved one of my clients from another web hosting service to TCH. I need to set up redirects for some files that were in a directory on the old server but are now subdomains on the TCH server. It seems I can't set them up from the cpanel, so how do I set them up? Is there a special code???
  12. I'm not having success at all on 2 different blogs on 2 different servers and assorted plugins. I've been trying to automatically update but get an error message followed by my site being DOWN for maintenance. Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. -- which BTW lasts for in some cases longer than a minute. The error message for The Cleaner Gallery plugin, upgrading to wordpress 3.1 to name a few: An error occured while updating Cleaner Gallery: Could not create directory. /public_html. All in One SEO didn't give me an error message just got as far as unpacking then nothing...spinspinspin
  13. Looks like I'll have to post a ticket because the folder does have the same name as the subdomain but when I try to access it I get the Domain Default page information that I posted above.
  14. Thanks, but no luck, its been trying to connect but it does not connect. Edit - I got this: Domain Default page If you see this page, it means that you have set up your web server for serving a new site, but have not uploaded the site content yet. You have the following choices: * You can upload your web site contents using FTP. * You can install web applications on your site: an image gallery, a discussion forum, a blog, an online store, a chat, and many other applications. Problem is there IS content in the subdomain.
  15. Sorry if I'm being thick here but, the link to the subdomain is set up as subdomain.maindomain.com. Yes, http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/~username -- goes to the site I'm setting up here on TCH however if I click the link to the subdomain on one of the pages on the TCH server it goes to the current live site, I want to see the subdommain on the TCH server not the current live site. The subdomains have been set up on TCH so what is the URL to see those files??
  16. Don't know that happened to my "fast reply" but doesn't anyone here know how to view a subdomain prior propagation? I have 5 or 6 subdomains to set up for this domain and I really need to be able to view them before the DNS changes... Anyone??
  17. I'm in the process of moving a client from another web host to TCH - I've set up a sub domain for him but how do I view the pages on the subdomain before propagation? http://matra.tchmachines.com/~username is what I'm using now of course...
  18. Ok thanks, BTW the Wordpress code worked! Thanks.
  19. So you are saying there are no records that need to be changed? Just set up the email accounts here on TCH and all the email will come here -- not get jammed up some place else?
  20. Awesome, thanks, I'll give that a try!
  21. Accessing via: h*tp://your-server-IP/~username/wp-admin should work but it does not. I tried that. I get redirected to h*tp://www.mydomian.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=http%3A%2F%2F208......blahblahblah. For some reason it redirects to the parked domain not the temporary URL. I'm going to uninstall wordpress - it may have been a problem with the installation - the kubric template is not being used so something may have gone wrong with the install. (??)
  22. Thank you, I believe the email is associated with his domain, the provider is the telephone service company. "If the accounts are associated with the domain he can talk to the provider and see if they can be redirected." Why would they not be able to be redirected? Isn't it just a record that get transferred or changed - similar to transferring a domain name to a new registar? Or is it more complex than that? He owns his domain, the telephone service company does not.
  23. I have a new client and we are using wordpress for their website. The client will NOT change the DNS until the site is ready to be launched. Wordpress has been installed via fantastico in the main directory of the server. I chatted with your online support earlier because when I try to login -- using the temporary login: server name/~username/wp-admin -- to access the wordpress admin I get redirected to the parked page where the site is current registered - understandable since the DNS has not been changed. Support said I should change the PHP to the temporary URL in I believe 2 different places however I can't figure out which files need to be changed - I don't think it's the config file or is it? So my question is specifically what PHP files need to be changed, what line for code needs to be changed and how should it be changed so I can access wordpress BEFORE propagation? Thank you!
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