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Transfering Domains And Email


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I have a client who would like to transfer multiple domains to TCH, he currently has a number of different service providers providing various services and would like to condense everything down to one provider - TCH. I have reviewed your domain name transfer process and I understand that but I have a question about transferring his email.


This client currently has his email accounts provided through the service that he purchases his telephone services and internet connection from.


He wants to discontinue that service and just use the email accounts that I will set up with his TCH hosting packages.


Is there anything special that I should know when he discontinues his current service -- are there any records somewhere that need to be changed?? Does his current provider need any information from me or TCH to redirect his messages? What are the concerns if any that I should be aware of?


It's confusing to me when a 3rd party and not the web host handles the email, I just want to be sure that I have the information everyone needs when he discontinues all the email services with his current provider.


Thanks in advance.

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Who is he using for email now? His internet provider? Or are the emails associated with the domain names? If they are his internet provider he doesn't have to do anything. Those email addresses will remain and he will have his own domain email with his accounts.


If the accounts are associated with the domain he can talk to the provider and see if they can be redirected. Otherwise when he cancels the account there goes the email associated with it.


If he is really concerned I would get a gmail account and redirect any emails from where ever it is being hosted to the gmail account.

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Thank you, I believe the email is associated with his domain, the provider is the telephone service company.


"If the accounts are associated with the domain he can talk to the provider and see if they can be redirected."


Why would they not be able to be redirected?


Isn't it just a record that get transferred or changed - similar to transferring a domain name to a new registar? Or is it more complex than that? He owns his domain, the telephone service company does not.

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I've switched hosts but it was a long time ago. I kept my old host active until all the email was flowing to my new host. I used the IP numbers for the old host to check my mail. Once no more email was coming to the account I canceled it.

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If you change your domain name resolving servers to OpenDNS ones which are and say a few days before you change the domain name servers to TCH, you will find that you will have very few delays with emails etc, as they update around the world every hour, unlike Internet Service Providers do, which might be every 24hrs hence it causes a perceived delay in where things are. The update from the domain registrar should only take a very short time, but everyone says up to 72 hrs is the usual time. In my experience which has been pretty extensive this has been my experience, hours not days.


Also OpenDNS are always adding more Domain Name Servers around in strategic places as well, as they grow their own systems, which makes the whole resolution of where a domain is located a whole lot quicker as well.


Bruce's suggestions of course are very relevant.


As you can see I have been a member since 2003, very happy with TCH and always will be, always recommend as well to many others around the world. No 1 in my book.

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