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  1. Happy holidays to you all at TCH and hosting family. I'm back with a small hosting account for a personal website. I have retired from photography and am now, well have been for 15 yrs, on a Disability Pension. Sucks to have been, but life serves up what it does. All the best to you all. Regards, Peter
  2. Best to lodge a ticket with Sales, explain what you need, they will work with you to achieve your goals as best they can, nothing is impossible and I am speaking from experience on both sides of the fence. As a TCH user and also when I did some Support Desk work for them some Xmas's ago when they needed some help. This is a family of friends who believe in helping each family member have an enjoyable hosting time, not promise the earth and then find out that what they tell you won't happen. I too have had this happen, and it caused huge amounts of headaches for me and a person that helps me,
  3. As Bruce said, best to discuss this with Tech Support directly as there may be a vulnerability you are not aware of with what you are running on your sites. It has happened to all of us at one stage or another, and proven not to be TCH that has done anything but try to resolve the issues with you directly.
  4. The original post made sense Bill, but nothing is ever 100% assured as you and most others well know, but it is a good idea to have it on a separate network away from the main one, just for the reasons you have said. Hope to be back with you soon too.
  5. vBulletin 4.0.6PL1 forum only has been released as well, doesn't effect the Suite though.
  6. I used Trillian and am now using Triallian Astra have done since its official release, no problem at all. Works for me. I have also used Pidgin as well, but I find Trillian Astra what meets my needs, has one quirk in it though when you copy and paste and changing the font colour so the recipient can't read what you type next. Though haven't had that reported to me since a recent update. I'm using 4.2.0 was release 30 June 2010. So I think Version 5 is most likely beta talk.
  7. Sounds to me like a power on the USB ports issue not being able to supply enough power, is the hub you bought a powered Hub? If not it should be by the sounds of what you have described.
  8. I've had this issue too, some drives come with a y cable, which has two usb connectors to the computer and one to the device, you have to plug in both the connections on the computer and the single one into the usb drive, as it needs to have extra power from the computer for the drive to work. and that was on Xp/Vista as well, I am now running Win7 and found that to be the same case as well. I don't believe it is a motherboard issue, as it works on your laptop fine, I believe it relates to not having enough power from the USB Ports to make the drive work correctly.
  9. If you change your domain name resolving servers to OpenDNS ones which are and say a few days before you change the domain name servers to TCH, you will find that you will have very few delays with emails etc, as they update around the world every hour, unlike Internet Service Providers do, which might be every 24hrs hence it causes a perceived delay in where things are. The update from the domain registrar should only take a very short time, but everyone says up to 72 hrs is the usual time. In my experience which has been pretty extensive this has been my exper
  10. I know someone that is using atom laptops to run web hosting and said it is OK, but depends on what you are hosting as well.
  11. I use Mailwasher which checks all my accounts lists them I select which ones to deleted, add to spam lists, and then they get deleted, and I get only the ones I want to receive. Works well has done for years.
  12. Tech support need to fix something on the server for you, so lodging the ticket was a good idea.
  13. Have you followed the steps correctly? The following will walk you through retrieving an authorization (or EPP) code for your domain(s): 1. Login to your account 2. Click Manage Domains 3. From Step 1: Select A Domain Management Task, select Unlock these domains - to allow transfers 4. From Step 2: Choose One Or More Domains By Checking The Boxes, select the domain(s) you wish to unlock 5. Click Manage Domains 6. You will receive a confirmation page indicating the domain(s) has been successfully unlocked 7. Click Return to Account Management 8. From Step 1: Select A Doma
  14. that I thought I would mention here as it has some really good prospects concerning integration into Joomla with things like vBulletin, PHPBBS, and other forums and hopefully (well for me) Gallery 2 as well. It is a project called JFusion and can be found at http://www.jfusion.org it is currently in a rewrite and hopefully version 1.0.7 will be available very soon. The person involved with it, is doing it all off his own bat and did seek donations to pay his bills whilst he worked on it, and has gotten fairly close to the funds needed (I can relate to this need very well). So if want to go
  15. Bit late seeing this but anyway yes well deserved promotion.
  16. I use to be using a reseller account and took over a photography website, so I decided then to move to my own dedicated server. I picked the unmanaged one, but TCH are helpful and where I have had an issue that has been resolved fully and in a speedy time. If you want to ensure that there are no hassles at all, then get the fully managed one, it would be well worth the extra $$'s then you don't have to worry as it is looked after for you. I have at times upward of 500 people on the site at any one time, and there have been very few issues, certainly none when it comes to the machine I am
  17. I don't want Vista either, don't get me wrong. But Windows did have multi licencing back in the early days of Windows 3, yes I still had disks for it, just chucked them all out as we are in the process of moving, along with DOS disk's, Office and a whole lot of very old software. It was back when Windows 98 came out that things changed with The OS's Bruce, but I do know that this thread is about single licencing which I agree with, maybe I didn't state that the right way. Was more trying to say that Pirating isn't good for anyone, nor is overly priced software either, and that is basically
  18. This vulnerability bought down the Australian Photographic Society website recently for several days. So suggest everyone make sure they update as it was this injection vulnerability that was the cause.
  19. This fresh install option isn't something that is only been new for the past couple of issues of windows, it has in fact been around since the first releases of windows. Many OEM and resellers used this way to do fresh installs over drives that had previously been a DOS version when windows came out. The fact that you can do it, is legal, as is the fact you can copy the windows CD's as well as a backup quite legally. In fact a lot of Microsoft Software in Business is allowed to be installed twice, once on the work computer and once on the home computer or laptop of the person using the prog
  20. cyswork, have a look at this website http://forum.xda-developers.com/index.php and you may just find what you want as there are some very cluey people on there and they even do their own ROM's and hacks as well, to do better than the original stuff. Worth a look at least.
  21. Welcome Bonnie, if I lived in the USA, I would have applied for the position myself, but halfway around the world is a little hard with time frames. All the best working with a great team, so of them I have know on the other side as well.
  22. Certainly did Bill as always one of the most helpful persons on this planet do appreciate it.
  23. Thanks Thomas, just getting Joomla 1.5.1 going and then another update, but it is appreciated.
  24. Have you tried restarting your apache server, for the effect to take affect. Just a thought.
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