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Installing Something Outside Of Fantastico

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Sorry for my ignorance, but I have never installed anything on the server that wasn't available in Fantastico. So I'm wondering how to install software on the server outside of Fantastico (on the command-line ?). I'm looking to install Deki Wiki on a client hosting account that was being hosted somewhere else. They are planning on giving me the backup files from their old account to install on their TCH account.


Can anyone direct me to a place for instructions for doing this? Or is this something that TCH support would help me with (or do for me)?


Thanks for your help.

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You do not have access to the command line but generally you upload the files using FTP. You can upload a .zip or .gz compressed file you can expand on the server using the file manager. If the software requires a database you create those though cPanel. You create and add database users using cPanel as well.


If they have a backup of their files in .zip, .tar or .gz format it can be uploaded and extracted. If they have a database backup you upload that to their web space and then open a ticket with the help desk and ask the techs to import it into the database you create.

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