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Godaddy Total Dns - Duplicate A Records

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Hello TCH Fam!


Here is a weird one! I added a subdomain to my Godaddy account using the "add" subdomain. The subdomain set up with an A record. (everything normal at this point) 15 minutes later it added another A record, then again for the third time. If you delete one of the duplicate entries it then gets added back in automatically. I have been on the phone with Godaddy support and they have no clue what is going on. It is now going to their top tier support. Is anybody else having this problem. If you have a GoDaddy account maybe you could try testing a subdomain. Usually within the hour the duplicates show up,



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Well Godaddy's support tier can't figure out what is going on. Now my access to manage DNS does not work.

They have had to send it up all the way to the developers. They say it might be fixed in 72 hours. Why can't

every bodies support be as good as TCH.

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Hi Ace,


I still have a couple domains with godaddy from years ago and have never seen this. Hopefully they sort things out for you soon and please let us how this turns out. If it goes on too long, feel free to open a ticket and we can always set A records from our end if you point the domain to our servers.

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