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I'm not sure if I post where it belongs, so sorry if I went wrong.

There was a discussion at WHT about hosts' policies towards hatred/rasist/defamation sites. One host went to defend idea that the site with hate content may be closed on court decision only. I tried to defend another point of view and found TOS of two hosting companies (names omitted).

I have read TCH acceptable use policy but found nothing on hatred/rasism.

The question (from existing customer) is: if there is a site kill_all_lithuanians*com wih obvious content - would TCH close it due to hatred content or leave it to court's decision?

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From the Acceptable Use Policy


TotalChoice Hosting intends to provide its customers access to everything the Internet has to offer. While TotalChoice Hosting is firmly committed to the principles of free speech, certain activities are damaging to the resources of both TotalChoice Hosting and the Internet and cannot be permitted under the guise of free speech. The resources of TotalChoice Hosting and the Internet are limited, and abuse of these resources by one user has a negative impact on the entire community.


If a TotalChoice Hosting account is used to violate the Acceptable Use Policy, we reserve the right to terminate or suspend your service without notice and you agree to indemnify TotalChoice Hosting and its affiliates against any claims threatened or brought by third parties as a result of your violation of this Acceptable Use Policy and/or the content of your website. We prefer to advise customers of inappropriate behavior and any necessary corrective action. However, violations of the Acceptable Use Policy will result in immediate termination or suspension of service. Our failure to enforce this policy, for whatever reason, shall not be construed as a waiver of our right to do so at any time.


I think the part I made bold makes it clear that that type of content is not welcome here.


That being said, if you find content you find objectionable hosted here at TCH open a ticket with the help desk and point it out. That does not mean to open a ticket with the help desk for every site you find objectionable here at TCH. If it is legal content (like nudes or other things that you object to in your personal beliefs) doesn't mean it's objectionable to others. A little common sense goes a long way.

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