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Domains By Proxy Hacked? Spoofed?

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I guess it could be a coincidence, but I'm suddenly getting spam e-mail that appears to be from email service at domains by proxy with a different reply-to address. Anyway, it's obviously spam, and could certainly be a forged address, but what's odd is that it's being sent to a private address that I only use for correspondence about my website accounts. I don't give it out to anyone who would possibly sell it. So I was just wondering if they've been hacked lately or anything.

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When you sign up for domains by proxy they assign you an email address for you whois information. This email address will be your domain name @domainsbyproxy.com, and any email sent there is forwarded to the email address you provide them. This is exactly what the service is intended for, to allow you to remain anonymous but still be contacted. Unfourtunatly the occasional spam email makes it way through and you may want to adjust your email preferences.



The Whois directory requires an email address for every registered domain name. When you purchase Domains By Proxy, we create a private email address for that domain. Thereafter, when messages are sent to your private email address, we handle them according to the email preference you selected for that particular domain name.


You have three email preferences from which to choose. You can choose to have all of these messages: (i) forwarded; (ii) filtered for spam and then forwarded; or (iii) not forwarded. If you elect to have messages "forwarded" or "filtered for spam then forwarded", they will be forwarded to your "real" email address, the one specified in Customer Information. You may modify your "real" email address at any time. Simply log in to your Domains By Proxy account and click "My Settings." You may then modify your "real" email address by typing over the email address field and clicking "Save". You should also know that you may select one uniform email preference for all of your private domain names. Or, you may select different preferences for different domains. You may modify these preferences at any time. If you do not select an email handling preference, the default setting of "forward all email" will be used.

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be aware and stay away from domainsbyproxy.com


scam warning


they work on stealing domains less than 100000 in alexa rank


they will first hide your informations then hide your login details and you will lose the ability to change the privacy forever and after that they will ask you for 370$ if you want to get back your account with them and sometimes they registered your domain by their name


stay away from those scammers


they stole 3 domains from me and I can`t get them back till now

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This is just simply not true, DomainsByProxy is just a third party service for your whois information. The have absolutely nothing to do with your domain registration and can not take your domain.


More information would be nice, however I am sure of one thing-that you allowed your domain names to expire. Then most likely someone bought them up and are using domainsbyproxy as well. Or, your registrar is now requesting that you pay a standard redemption fee to renew the domains.

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