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How To Set Up Mail Accounts

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CPanel allows you to set up email accounts as you need them. It is a great feature but can be frustrating to get things working as you envision. Here are some hints on how the system works and how you can use that to customize your own set-up.


Let's assume you have an account and your CPanel log-in is username and password for the domain ****.


Your main email account is username@****, right? Well, not exactly. The main account is a bit different from all the accounts you set up yourself. If you look at the Default Address it is listed as username. You actually don't have an email account called username@**** but mail sent there will go to the default address. [A technical note, your main email actually would have the address username@server##.totalchoicehosting.com (with the ## being your server number.)]


To check the mail in this account you use username as the user in your email client along with mail.**** as the pop3 host and your password. You can also use your IP address or just **** since they all will resolve to the same thing.


Now, let's say you want to add some accounts. You decide you want an account for yourself and your spouse so you create husband and wife as accounts. The addresses used would be husband@**** and wife@****. The log in details for the wife would be:


Username: wife@**** (note that it uses the whole address)

Password: Whatever you set up

POP3 Host: mail.**** (or **** or IP address)


The format is the same for all the accounts you set up.


Now, let's say you send mail to username@****. Where does it go? It goes to your main account just as you expect.


This works fine for a while but you start getting more and more spam. You can leave the main account as the catch all default account and handle it there but there may be some messages in it that are not spam.


You have a couple of options. You might decide that any mail that is not addressed directly to husband or wife should be discarded. This is pretty easy to do. Change your Default Address to :blackhole: (be sure to include both colons) and any mail sent to an address other than husband@**** or wife@**** will be discarded.


What about mail sent to username@****? Remember earlier we said that it actually would go to the defaul address? That means that it now will be discarded. In order to continue using that address you would need to set up an account called username. It is not a duplicate of the main account. You would have to use username@**** as the log in name to access it rather than the main account but mail sent to username@**** will now go there rather than the default address.


Next time let's talk about Forwarders and Auto-Reply. :wacko:


Some fast and easy to download e-mail flash tutorials:

How to set up a default mail account in cPanel

Instructions on how to configure Outlook Express

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