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Bob Crabb

If Tech Support Was An Olympic Event ...

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If Tech Support was an Olympic Event, TCH would surely win GOLD !!!


Firstly, they handled a site move request last week ahead of schedule, and secondly, the few problems that occurred after the move were handled very quickly.


Did I say quick -- how about lightning fast!!!


Last week, right after the site move, I found a problem and submitted a ticket. Alex fixed, posted, and closed the ticket in THREE MINUTES, and then this morning I discovered a problem, and submitted a ticket. Looking at the timestamp in the Help Desk record, Tina fixed the problem, posted a response, and closed the ticket within FIVE MINUTES!!!


I and many others have said it before, and I'll say it again. TCH is amazing; you folks really know how to take care of your customers.


Many thanks to you all.



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Hey Bob, thanks for the kind words. Yes, the techs are great and never get enough accolades. Glad they have you all sorted out.


Good job Alex and Tina! :yes:

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