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Phpbb - Where Did It Go?

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phpBB has disappeared from Fantastico...It appears that the Fantastico site still lists it as an available install. I just upgraded to phpBB3 and now I don't see it anymore, although an Installations Overview does show it as installed. Will there be no future support or upgrades for phpBB? If not will there be any mechanism for porting forum DBs over to the lone offering (SMF) still showing on the Shared server Fantastico pages.


Why was it removed?

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Replying to my own post....


got a little bit of info through the helpdesk...thnaks Tina....


but I'd still be interested to know why phpBB has been removed from Fantastico on the Shared Servers. Isn't it one of the most popular forum/BB products out there? Do I have to install updates manually from here on out?

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We stopped providing the one-click phpBB installation 2 years ago, please see this post about the cPanel Scripts Library for more information. Unfortunately, someone incorrectly enabled this option on your server when it should not have been active. I apologize for this error and inconvenience the removal has caused.


I recently updated our base install of Fantastico and our current script offerings were pushed out to all servers on July 26th, 2008.

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