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Avg 8 Causing Webmasters Headaches And Money

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Ran across this in the Register. I didn't know by using the free anti-virus software(especially the malware scanner) that I was part of this problem. Here is a partial quote from the article...."Daniel Brandt, who runs Wikipedia Watch, estimates that LinkScanner traffic to the site has outstripped legitimate clicks by nearly ten times. In this graph, the pink line represents suspected LinkScanner scans, the blue line legitimate clicks"

and this..."Because the scanner attempts to disguise itself as a real live human click, webmasters who rely on log files for their traffic numbers may be unaware their stats are skewed. And others complain that LinkScanner has added extra dollars to their bandwidth bill."

the full article is here. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/26/av...traffic_as_ie6/



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It doesn't do well on either front.

It's a poor substitute for WOT (Web Of Trust) and doesn't check as well

as the Finjan add-on. like what WOT uses, and looking for malicious code in a web page does not

equate to discovering malicious intent (good code can still be

malicious). I gave up on both (and Linkscanner, too) since they are not

very protective but rather too paranoid than factual.

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