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Query On The Left List In Fantastico

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I would appreciate it if someone could help me in understanding one specific feature of this item in cPanel. I note the Left side of the page shows an assortment of items beginning with Navigation, through CMS, et cetera. The upgrade box shows in my case that on the site I have using PHP Nuke, I have 7.8 and that 7.9 is available for upgrading. I purchased it some time ago but not sure the modifications I've made to several modules wouldn't make the who site go BURP in 7.9.


The Left side of Fantastico does NOT show PHP NUKE nor Raven Nuke ( which I am using for another site). Does TCH have any selective input (e.g., the indication for the PHP Nuke site that a newer version is available) and also who determines the selection of the CMS that we find on the Left? Thank You.

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TCH picks and chooses which packages can be installed through Fantastico.


As for upgrading your modified version of PHP Nuke, I would venture to say that you will probably lose some of the customization upgrading through cPanel. I would download the package from the Nuke site and do the upgrade manually to be sure nothing breaks.

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