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I've been a longtime TCH customer for my personal hosting needs, but I recently took a position with a new company and they are substantially overpaying for web hosting. I'd like to switch them over to TCH, but I have one major concern. We use Exchange for our e-mail, which is handled by an on site server. The DNS functions and web hosting functions are handled by our current web host. At the moment if you go to ourdomain.com it bring you to our page, which is hosted by the hosting company. However, if you go to smtp.ourdomain.com/exchange, you can log into Exchange webmail and access your e-mail. Our MX entry is also currently set to smtp.ourdomain.com, which directs e-mails into the on site server.


How difficult would it be to replicate this setup if we moved everything to TCH? I've looked through CPanel and see that its easy enough to change our MX entry, but how would I go about getting smtp.ourdomain.com to direct to our server's IP?



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but how would I go about getting smtp.ourdomain.com to direct to our server's IP?


You can either use the redirect options within cPanel or open a ticket to the help desk and ask them to point the subdomain record to your exchange IP.

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Thanks for the quick reply. I've talked over the change with some people here and everyone is on board an interested in switching over. As far as the billing, we'd be looking to pay yearly, and it would be best if we could be invoiced for the hosting and then pay the invoice, as this is going to work best with our accounting procedures. Is this something that TCH can do? If not, we do have ways to work around this, but I was asked to see if this was possible as its the best way to handle it on this end. Thanks!

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I will vouch for the fact that TCH can handle what you are asking re the email processing. And do it very well. :)


Our company was in the same boat as yours. Like you, our email is handled through exchange on site. TCH hooked us up several years ago, saving us money and helping us to retain the split (web in one direction, email in another) and providing us with more reliability and more options! Best move we made web-wise!!! Never regretted it.

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