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Installing Php-nuke


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I apologize for asking a question already asked, but I did not unverstand the answers. I am trying to instal PHP-Nuke and I am stuck on the database part. I created a MySql database named "root," a username of "admin12" and a password of "passfows." (not the real info)


So, what do I put in the following fielsd?

Host name

MySQL User Name

MySQL Password

MySQL Database Name


The previous answer with cpanelname_somethingorother really confused me.I through the name of my cpanel was cpanel???


Again, my apologoes for such a stupid question.

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When you log in to your cpanel you are asked for a user name and password and that username is what it is asked for when setting this up.


Lets say you log in to your cpanel with the username "forum".

From what I understand, all the databases that the users set up on a server are stored at the same place on the server, so the server needs some way to know that account "forum" are allowed to access this specific database, therefor you will need to add the cpanel user name (in this case forum) before the database name and the specific user name you created for that database.


So this is what it should look like,


Host name: localhost

MySQL User Name: forum_admin12

MySQL Password: passfows

MySQL Database Name: forum_root

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Which finally explains why, all this time, I've never been able to create a MySQL user account that worked. I knew that the database name had the CPanel account name prepended, but I didn't realize the DB user name did, too. Now I don't have to use my CPanel user name and password as my DB info. I feel more secure already. Thanks.

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