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  1. Hi, I used to use MS FrontPage a long time ago. I would like to create/freshen up my website and would like suggestions on what easy to use webiste creation packages I should use. I liked the simplicity of using FrontPage but would like something to make my website look more modern without having to get into coding. Any suggestions? Thanks, Rick
  2. Okay, really stupid question. I'm trying to set the spam auto delete filter score to delete MOST spam. I'm confused by the note that says "Note: 5 is the default setting. The higher the number, the more conservative the setting." What does "conservative" mean in this context? The higher the number lthe ess spam gets through? Or the higher the number the more conservtaive the filter is so more spam gets through? Thanks in advance, RickB
  3. Oddly enough, he doesn't have e-mail. The only Internet connection he has is a browser. Just though of something...what about one of the free file transfer services? That would probably work as this is a one-time deal...I hope. Google shows too many to even think about...any suggestions? Thanks, Rick
  4. Hi, Not sure where this goes... I need to be able to let someone upload a Word document to a folder I create on my website. Here's the thing, they need to do it without any ftp clients. They need to navigate to a page that has an "Upload" button that pops up the "Browse" and "Submit" buttons. Where is tarnations do I figure out how to do that? Thanks, RickB
  5. Hi, Right now the only folks who can download from my Nuke 8.0 site are registered users. How do I configure the download section so anyone can download from it? Thanks, RickB
  6. That did it, thanks!
  7. Yes, I am a nuke dummy. I added the theme "Siteground" into the themes folder. I then selected preferences and selected Siteground as the theme. When I refreshed, it made the entire website blank. By using SmartFTP I figured out what I did wrong. When I unzipped the Siteground folder I did not look inside. Inside the Siteground folder is another Sitegroud folder with all the theme files. I manually deleted the Siteground "double folder" on the website and installed the singl theme folder. Refresed the site...still blank! I cannot get back to the Admin site because it too is blank. How can I manually reload my old theme? Thanks, RickB
  8. This is all wonderful stuff! I can't wait for the long weekend to get lost in all the fun "research." Thanks so much! RickB
  9. Hi, I used to use FrontPage. But, since it's been discontinued, I'm looking for a replacement. I'm not a frequent "web weenie," but I do like to be able to tweak my site. I'm not a programmer by any stretch of the imagination. I want something more flexible than the template-driver site builders like in Fantastico, but, as I said, I'm not a programmer. Also, I don't want to have to pay an arm and a leg. Thoughts? Advice? Rants? Raves? Winning lottery ticket numbers? Thanks, Rick
  10. Hi, I was wondering what people find as the main differences between Joomla and Drupal. I'm currently using PHPNuke which I find somewhat difficult to manage. Just interested in opinions, rants, and raves. Thanks, RickB
  11. I apologize for asking a question already asked, but I did not unverstand the answers. I am trying to instal PHP-Nuke and I am stuck on the database part. I created a MySql database named "root," a username of "admin12" and a password of "passfows." (not the real info) So, what do I put in the following fielsd? Host name MySQL User Name MySQL Password MySQL Database Name The previous answer with cpanelname_somethingorother really confused me.I through the name of my cpanel was cpanel??? Again, my apologoes for such a stupid question.
  12. Hi, I'm a PHP-Nuke user but I cannot find it in Fantastico anymore. What happened? Is it no longer included/supported? Why??? Thanks, RickB
  13. Hi, I would like to start publishing short, weekly class summaries to my students vis RSS feeds. Simple, I just want to publish about a 250-500 class summary once a week. I downloaded and tried the trial version of FeedForAll but I could only publish one thing. When I tried to add more "items" to the feed my newsreader would not pick it up. I need a brain-dead, old-guy was to publish RSS. Can anyone suggest anything to help me or should I go make my reservation at the nursing home now? Thanks, Rick
  14. I think that is sending me off in the right direction, thanks!
  15. Thanks, yet perhaps I misspoke. I'm looking for work, not my own site. I teach at a small school and we want to start experimenting with wikis as a classroom supplemental tool. Thanks, Rick
  16. Hi, Any recommendations for an easy to install, easy to use, free Wiki Software? Thanks, Rick
  17. Excuse me, but where on the cPanel is the Fantastico link supposed to be? Thanks, Rick
  18. OK, I give up. What's the difference between the "Major Announcement" and "Another Major Annoucement?"
  19. Hi, I want the root of my website to be index.htm. However, an ol index.html page keeps regenerating whenever I delete it and it keeps taking over as the root index page. It's from an old MT blog I had set up a long time ago. How do I get rid of it permanently? Thanks, Rick
  20. OK, dumb question I admit. I ask it about every six months. Is CPanel ever going to include an integrated website editor like WebSiteCreator or DynamicSiteCreator? I gotta ask. I have a brother who I would LOVE to bring into tch, but he needs a "website tool for dummies" for his small business. Thanks, Rick ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Never give up! Never surrender!
  21. Thanks, I just submitted a ticket. Thanks, Rick
  22. Hello, I am very stressed right now. I was using PhP-Nuke as the authoring tool for my website at www.xxx.com/nuke. I wanted to create a different PhP-Nuke website at www.xxx.com/newnuke. When I did so, it completely deleted my xxx.com/nuke site. The "newnuke" site came through already semi-formated similarly to the old site. When I got rid of the "newnuke" site, it did not return the old "nuke" site. I am very stressed that hundreds of hours of work are gone. Please tell me there is an easy remedy??? Thanks, Rick
  23. Hi, I run WinXP Home edition and I am running up against a full hard drive. I know in my wonderful efficiency I've stored many exact duplicte document files in several different places (so I would never forget where they were). Now I would like to find all the exact duplicate files on my HD so I can pick out which ones to delete to save space. Does WinXP have a tool for that? Do I need a seperate application? Any good ones for free? Which ones do you recommend? Thanks, Rick
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