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Default Permalinks Not Working


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The permalinks are not working in my Wordpress blog: www.pezzphoto.com/photojournal

I'm not asking for much, I just want the Default permalinks to work.


As far as I know, even the default permalinks don't work. I've tried changing them to pretty permalinks, copying the code and pasting it into my htaccess folder. I've tried changing permissions. I changed back to Default several times, just to see if it would update correctly. I read the whole Permalinks document in Wordpress help. It's like reading Greek, but I tried to go through step by step.


No permalinks seem to work, EXCEPT my latest post works (I think): http://www.pezzphoto.com/photojournal/?p=26

This post was made after updating to the latest version of Wordpress (2.5.1). However when I created the post, the preview did not work.

I used the Grouptivity Share button at the bottom of the post and it worked!


This older one does not appear to work: http://www.pezzphoto.com/photojournal/?p=18

I tried to use the Grouptivity Share button at the bottom of the post to email a permalink to myself. However, IE couldn't display the page.


FWIW, my tags aren't showing up in all the older posts and I've never received a comment, which seems strange (don't know if those might be clues as to where things aren't working)


Help!!!!! (please)



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