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Tch - Hats Off To Tom Duncan

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Special thanks to Tom Duncan! I've been with TCH for several years now and they have always been incredibly helpful and top-notch with their support.


Last night while upgrading a site, we experienced major issues with the SQL Database and most of the files were corrupted. I can usually work through most issues, but after 12 + hours on this one, I was stumped.


A few IM's to Tom and he had us up and running. Thanks Tom!


If anyone is looking for a host, we have 10+ sites here now and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. These guys are the best. Just look around and see how many others are providing a forum for their customers to talk. You can only do that if you exceed expectations. TCH does.


Thanks again.

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Way to go Tom!


mimmson, glad you are happy and thanks for the kind words. :)

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