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  1. Special thanks to Tom Duncan! I've been with TCH for several years now and they have always been incredibly helpful and top-notch with their support. Last night while upgrading a site, we experienced major issues with the SQL Database and most of the files were corrupted. I can usually work through most issues, but after 12 + hours on this one, I was stumped. A few IM's to Tom and he had us up and running. Thanks Tom! If anyone is looking for a host, we have 10+ sites here now and wouldn't consider going anywhere else. These guys are the best. Just look around and see how many othe
  2. I had 2 different sites with hacked with the same message left on both. One site is a Wordpress Site, the other is VBulletin. I am uploading the current versions, but curious about 2 different apps bing hacked at the same time, on the same server.
  3. I know it's too soon to be replicating on all servers but this appears to be doing the trick. It's now resolving on all of the U.S. pings. Thanks again!
  4. Thanks! I am missing the second name server. I've fixed that, so hopefully it solves the problem. That looks to be the only difference between the sites. I don't know what else might cause it. Thanks again. Martin
  5. I have a shared account with a few different sites. One of the sites, www.nationalterroralert.com has been up and down all day. The other sites (on the same shared server) aren't having any issues. How is this possible? I ran a website status check and all of the other sites resolved fine on all pings. This one however only resolved on 2 out of 8. I don't understand why this is only happeneing on the one domain. I submited a ticket but have not heard back yet. Any suggetions?
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