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Oscommerce & Shipping

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Right now I say :thumbdown: to Oscommerce.. I've been trying to figure this out and have been lost for the last few hours or so. I know others have wanted this option so it can't just be me :rolleyes1:


Anyways lots of the recommended fixes are either really old or have a half dozen fixes along with it.


I am trying to figure out how to make multiple shipping options. Any ideas?

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Sorry you haven't received a response to your query but it's possible that nobody has an answer for you. I have never used a shopping cart so I cannot offer any assistance in that area. Maybe one of our members will come by and help out.


I do run an online shopping site but the transactions are handled through store software elsewhere. I didn't have the time to learn a shopping cart.


Paypal offers shopping cart integration. Maybe that's an option for you.

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Thank you for the responses :)


I think I've done this before.. I will post because I can't figure something out.. and then while I am waiting for responses, I'll mess around with it and end up figuring it out :)


I basically wanted to offer the customer multiple shipping options.. For example, $2 for the slowest shipping, $5 for a bit faster, $10 for fast and Free for local pickup :)

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There are a few osC modules that will do what you want. Two I'd suggest are ...



(if you want it a set of flat rates as in your example)





(if you want to vary the amount based on weight)


Hope that helps :)



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