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Mt.cgi Can't Find Mt-config.cgi Error 500

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A week ago, abruptly, and without having done any tinkering of anykind, I was locked out of accessing MT's author/administrator log in via mt.cgi, with the error message of file not found. Mtconfig.cgi was right where it has always been in the cgi-bin directory which is the same directory as mt.cgi is in.


I contacted Six Apart, and the recommended changes to the mt.cgi file, which I made but without any different response from the system.


I am wondering if the recent TCH software upgrades could be influencing why I mt.cgi can't find mt-config.cgi. Both are 755 on access rating.


This is also the situation when mt-comments.cgi attempts to call up the mt-config.cgi file. File not found.


Anyone have a clue what I should do at this point? The site called VOID.


Thanks in advance. And happy holidays.



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I just had a similar problem on my MT blog as well, trying to access mt.cgi to log in got an error that mt-config.cgi could not be found. I aslo had some errors generated by a couple of older plugins. I contacted the TCH help desk as this coincided with my site being migrated from one server (server123) to another (amidala). Nothing had changed on my MT install at all.


They made some changes on their end (don't know what) and all is now right with the world. Contact the help desk with the details of your error, maybe they can help.

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