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  1. Thank you both for the prompt reply. --David
  2. A week ago, abruptly, and without having done any tinkering of anykind, I was locked out of accessing MT's author/administrator log in via mt.cgi, with the error message of file not found. Mtconfig.cgi was right where it has always been in the cgi-bin directory which is the same directory as mt.cgi is in. I contacted Six Apart, and the recommended changes to the mt.cgi file, which I made but without any different response from the system. I am wondering if the recent TCH software upgrades could be influencing why I mt.cgi can't find mt-config.cgi. Both are 755 on access rating. This is also the situation when mt-comments.cgi attempts to call up the mt-config.cgi file. File not found. Anyone have a clue what I should do at this point? The site called VOID. Thanks in advance. And happy holidays. David
  3. Thanks all for this thread. It answered most of my questions. I just purchased an SSL license to help protect my site's visitor's form information being sent back for processing. One question. TCH business folks sent me the RSA and Certificate. Is there any other use I can put these items to besides encrypting certain web pages on my site and transacting secure email between my computer and my Web Host Mail Server account? Is it possible to use these to encrypt mail that passes through my unsecured ISP mail server for example. If so, some pointers to procedure would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, all for being there with the information I need.
  4. Thanks, Bruce. I wasn't aware of the policy violation as I had it configured. I have moved VOIDnow.org to its own webhosting server account. Would it now be possible to have VOIDnow.org listed as well as Poliwatch.org, since each now resides on its own hosting server space and account? Thanks, David
  5. Thanks, Bruce, for the reply. However, Movable Type allows multiple blogs. The two blogs above are completely different blogs with different content, purpose, and audiences. I hope in light of this, you might reconsider. If however, the rule of one blog per domain/subdomain, is immutable, then, I would prefer VOIDnow.Org be the one listed since it is providing a public service, while PoliWatch.Org is simply my own personal writings. Thanks for you re-consideration of this matter.
  6. Actually I have two blogs. If I am limited to one, my first choice is http://vote.poliwatch.org. Site Name: Vote Out Incumbents for Democracy Description: Voters grassroots organization to restore accountability, transparency, and efficiency to Government. Currently this site is a blog, but, we are moving toward incorporating as non-profit sometime next summer. Yes, I have a link to TotalChoice Hosting as the hosting site. (bottom right column). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My second Blog and choice for listing is http://poliwatch.org Site Name: PoliWatch.Org Description: Daily Political News Collection, and Analysis by political writer David R. Remer. This site is a blog! Yes, I have a link to TotalChoice Hosting as the hosting site. (bottom right column). Thanks, David Remer
  7. Anyone know of a piece of code that can drill down through the individual archives folders and rename the extension of the filenames using wildcard search and replace? I have over 6000 individual files, failed to get dynamic publishing to work, and am left with all these *.static files on the server. Server uses MySQL and PhpAdmin if that is of interest, on a linux server. Thanks, David
  8. David, I just saw your handle, Tweezerman. You had been of tremendous help to me over at Radio Userland a year or more back. I was pleased to see Tweezerman is still around providing excellent and reliable advice. Sorry for the delay in responding, I got caught up away from the PC for awhile. Now, from the feedback I have received, it appears what I want to do is as follows. I have poliwatch.org set up as a personal writing blog. I want a separate web site which will become a public information and chat site for folks living in my neighborhood. So, if I understand correctly, I can accomplish this by establishing a subdoman named SpringBranch.PoliWatch.org. I can use the current MT installation to manage it as an additional blog setting its configs with the subdomain URL and path to my pubblic_html/subdomain.name, where the new sites files will be located. This means I don't have to create a new database for SpringBranch. If I have this down correctly, let me pose an additional question. May I establish a chatroom through Cpanel that would be accessible through the new SpringBranch blog? Thank you for your insight, David. java script:emoticon('') smilie
  9. Thank you Raul, yes, If I can create the new weblog as a subdomain, I would not need to use another domain name. So parking them is probably the way I will go for the time being. Many thanks. DavidR
  10. I am not clear on whether or not subdomains can be of any use for MT sites, since TCH indicates one cannot set up a SQL database for a subdomain. Without a database, how is one to create a separate blog in a subdomain? Also, I have two unused domain names registered, one of which I would like to host here. Is that acheivable under my current account or do I need to set up and entirely new TCH account to use it? It would not be related directly to my Blog. Thanks for any direction on how to make use of these resources at TCH. --David
  11. Thank you Don and David. I have a few dozen questions, but, first some sleep, and then maybe one a day will be a fair pace for taking on the new resources available here at TotalChoiceHosting.
  12. Thanks for the tip on the tutorial. I will check it. I didn't mind the loss of sleep too much because I learned so very much from the process. I know PC's very well and have worked on them and with them since the 1980's. But, servers are a pretty much a whole new learning experience for me. If there is anything I enjoy more than my family, it is learning something new. My only regret was not taking the time to enter these forums a couple days ago. I had transferred my site to two other hosting companies in the last week prior to choosing TotalChoice. Each of the others had either poor documentation or incompatible Perl libraries. I am glad to have found TotalChoice. I have used my month's allocation of bandwidth in just these last few days. Am correct in assuming TotalChoice will simply bill me for additional increments used for the rest of the month? Thanks, David.
  13. David, thanks. I have all of that correctly in place - just a note, the Newsisfree refuses any www. or http preceding the domain name in the host field. Hence, I discovered poliwatch.org is all that it was looking for. However, your reply contains something that lead to the answer. You said: "* path: the URL path to MT's mt-xmlrpc.cgi script (example: /cgi-bin/mt/mt-xmlrpc.cgi)." Bingo! I had entered just /cgi-bin/ and NOT /cgi-bin/xmlrpc.cgi . entering the filename got me a success message. Which means your advice was immensely successful, and I thank you so very much. This is the first time I have asked someone for assistance which produced a positive result and I am happy as an ostrich in gopher land. I have spent a week setting this up and losing enormous amounts of sleep, and now, I can relax, it all works. Thanks very much David. When I am rested, I will write up a tutorial for installing MT here. Tutorials are something I am very good at according to newbies.
  14. Hi gang, really appreciate the welcome. Thanks. I have resolved the host problem - a pure hit and miss prospect since there are no help files on NewsisFree. But, now I have a TotalChoiceHosting problem. When I go to post via xmlrpc, I get the following error: So the question now is why and how do I resolve it? Thank you all for the warm welcome and if any of you have a suggestion regarding this, I sure could use the pointer. Yes, David, I have Movable Type publishing software installed and functional, so this error message appears to indicate the server expects some kind of approval before allowing Newisfree to post to my Movable Type software. Feeling kinda dumb, this is the first time I have ever set up anything on a server and it has been a steep learning curve, for sure. Obviously, I have much further to go. Thanks in advance.
  15. At NewsisFree, I am setting up an xmlrpc transfer of news to my web site's blogger API. It is asking for the host but gives no definition of what it is asking for, and ISP, DNS, or my website (it asks for that in another field). Would anyone know what it is I need to fill in for the HOST field to activate their xmlrpc transfers to my website? Many thanks. David
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