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Opinion On Tch Support

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I wish to thank TCH support which by far is superior to any other company I or my friends had. I can';t find more helpfull people willing to investigate every detail I have requested. Not only they do their job and do it well - they do an extra job. I may give just 2 last examples (and records at TCH would confirm that):

1) Played with my Joomla-based site. And, of course, made so many undersirable changes that I though it was necessery to use a backup. Requested backup, site was restored - oh dear, to a state that was even worse than mine. Contacted again and I was explained TCH support staff had made their own backup before restoring and successfully restored. I thought I would have a hard talk with the support :rolleyes1:

2) my current issue - some problems with Joomla. Contacted live chat, personell listened carefully to me then asked for login/password to admin and to open a ticket. As it was late night in my Lithuania (some 23...) I wrote everything I knew and went to sleep. Early morning I found an email telling the support apologises for taking long (which was no difference for me...). Soon I received another email about my problem.

There were many other issues, I can't remember them all, but I was very happy being with TCH. :tchrocks:


And now, offtopic (but I need to say this): next year I will not be a customer to TCH. Unfortunately, such a great host with superior support stuff has a very old fashioned policy towards multi site hosting on shared account. I'm gonna host 3 sites while only would be proftable in the future, others won't. I wish that TCH reconsiders its policy.

But for now, I enjoy my days with this great company

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You could keep your main profitable site with TCH and then host all others elsewhere, that way you would still have awesome support with the site that needs it most.


This is what I do, main site with TCH, four others with another cheapo host with a micro-account where I don't need world class support.

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