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Great Free Tts Software . . . Become Even Lazier!

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Sometimes someone in their infinite wisdom decides "I know I'll use my talent to instead of make a fast buck like everyone else make something everyone can use and benefit from for free".

Very much like the guy who wrote Irfanview [Havn't got it yet? Go get it!]

Well this time it's speakonia.

Probably the best Text to speech software I've used.

But I'm not blind?

No, but I am lazy.

Now I don't even need to read through pages of small text like license agreements, instead I just sit back and listen courtsey of Microsofts many voices.

No more squinting at page content in arial size 0.00001pt on my 19" screen at 1280x1024.


Simlpy Ctrl+C over your text and away he goes.


And he even shouts the capital bit and emphasises the bits ending in !


It's not perfect but because it uses the microsoft engine as their voices improve so does it.

My dad who suffers from reading difficulties uses it all the time and I promised the author that I would tell all about this great software.


It may not be for everyone but it'll make you laugh when you hear MS Sam raise his voice to a sqeak at every ! while he reads some of TCH's top articles.



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