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Hi everyone,


So many great Fantastico applications, but wondering if any one of those meets a need I've had for a while.


I'm looking for some sort of online application system that allows me to set up a customized area for each user with info pertinent to their admissions status.


I think I have the actual question-answer part of the application done, with PHPSurveyor. Very nice application.


But, are there any of those Content Management Systems or any other application that would allow a user to log in to see info custom for them? For instance, I'd like to be able to update a page or a database or something when we have received certain forms or payments in the mail, and then they could log in to their page to get a status update.


And Fantastico doesn't have to be the solution. If you know of an application out there that does this kind of stuff, I'm interested.


Let me know if I haven't been specific enough or if you need more details.





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Thanks ... is that accomplished through a module? How specifically is this done in Xoops?


Ok. yes that is made with a additional module.

Some modules exist that make this.

Everything goes to depend you the type of content that you to desire to show.

You must search in Xoops.org that with certainty she will find the correct module for its use.

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