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  1. Gang, could we please get an update as to when this is expected to be fully resolved? Switch failure is that bad?
  2. I knocked spam assassin all the way down to .5 and 3 auto delete. Something still got through. I know there's no "cure-all" ... between outlook and e-set all of my stuff gets caught. But when I'm mobile and get mail on my blackberry (sans outlook and sans eset), spam assassin is the only mediator, and it seems to not recognize everything. I like DSPAM ... another account I have at a different organization uses DSPAM, and it is magnificent. It would be awesome if TCH got DSPAM.
  3. Hey Thomas, thanks for replying. Over time, I have lowered the score from whatever the default was (like 5?) all the way to 1.5, which is incredibly aggressive. I suppose I could try lowering the auto-delete score from 4 to 3 and see what happens. I haven't been paying too much attention to the sender ... it's those emails with "you have a new message" that are going around lately, and I've just been surprised to see them get through as letig mail or at least not end up in a spam box / folder.
  4. Over the past month or so, there are about two spam messages that get through a day to my account on our domain. This is really puzzling because I have spam assassin's required score set all the way down to 1.5, and to auto-delete anything that registers 4 or higher. I know that there's a nature to spam ... we can't really stop it now and forever ... but I am really puzzled that spam is now getting through to my account, after many, many months of getting NO spam (or, better said, many many months of spam assassin supposedly doing its job). And I have always exercised the practice of no complete email addresses on the site (i.e. using yourmom at place.org) and no mailto: links. Curious if anyone else has seen a slight increase in spam lately, and what you've done to prevent it from getting to your inbox.
  5. Thanks for the reply Thomas. That was my first thought ... that spamassassin was catching the emails. So I tinkered with those settings and even whitelisted the address. Still no go. But ... what I've ended up doing was opening up the code for my installation of PHP surveyor and customizing this email functionality. There's one small piece of code I changed to get it to work, and from there, everything else I did was strictly customizing all sorts of other little things. It was a strange fix but I'm glad I found it. Thanks again for the help!
  6. PHP Surveyor is offered via Fantastico. Experiencing an issue that I want to see if anyone has any insight on. In the options for a survey, you can enter your name and email address, and when someone completes the survey, PHP Surveyor can notify you that someone has done so (either by sending a simple notification or a detailed notification with survey results). When I enter an email address on my domain as the address where it should send these notifications, the notifications are never delivered. When I enter an email address that is not on my domain (i.e. my personal email address), the notifications arrive immediately. Is there any way for me to figure out what is going on? Has anyone had this same problem?
  7. I have a column in a table in a database set as type "timestamp". I'm tinkering with PHP and Dreamweaver CS3 for the first time and learning a lot by figuring out. I have a form that is inserting a record into the mysql database, and while it does stamp the "timestamp" column, it's stamping two hours ahead (for the mysql server system time, I suppose). Is there a way to adjust this within phpMyAdmin or somewhere else?
  8. When I do a search on Google with my username as the criteria, it comes up with past postings in the forums here on TCH. And in some of those posts, I've signed them with my initials (or maybe on rare occasion, my name). I use this particular handle elsewhere as well, and I don't particularly care for folks to be able to do a search and possibly make a connection with the man behind the username, so to speak. Is there any way to keep this support forum from appearing in Google searches? It seems rather unnecessary for TCH support forums to be appearing as results in a Google search. 9 times out of 10, the info will apply strictly towards TCH users and not for the general internet population. Just a concern I wanted to make known!
  9. Thanks. Does anyone else know of another solution for a custom application / admissions system? A lot of universities use this kind of thing too.
  10. Thanks ... is that accomplished through a module? How specifically is this done in Xoops?
  11. Hi everyone, So many great Fantastico applications, but wondering if any one of those meets a need I've had for a while. I'm looking for some sort of online application system that allows me to set up a customized area for each user with info pertinent to their admissions status. I think I have the actual question-answer part of the application done, with PHPSurveyor. Very nice application. But, are there any of those Content Management Systems or any other application that would allow a user to log in to see info custom for them? For instance, I'd like to be able to update a page or a database or something when we have received certain forms or payments in the mail, and then they could log in to their page to get a status update. And Fantastico doesn't have to be the solution. If you know of an application out there that does this kind of stuff, I'm interested. Let me know if I haven't been specific enough or if you need more details. Thanks! JM
  12. Heh, boy do I feel stupid. Turns out it was one of my old Help Desk tickets, not a post on the forum. Hoo boy ... wow.
  13. Nope, that's not it Thomas.
  14. It may have been in the FrontPage or cPanel forums. It had to do with password protecting a directory via cPanel and then getting prompted multiple times for the password. The final solution was long and detailed, and I think the final post was from me. And actually ... I got trigger happy with this post ... because I remembered the solution shortly thereafter. :-)
  15. Hi board moderators, I suppose you guys do some kind of board archiving / cleanup every once in a while ... I'm looking for a topic from me that's about a year old. It contains some information about a problem I was having and am now unfortunately having again. If there's any way I can access older posts, that'd be great. Best, JM
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