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Linking To Alternate Archive Mappings

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How do I write links to an alternative category archive mapping? The MT url and link tags are absolute.


As an example - in my publishing settings, I have 2 category archive mappings. One is the default, the other is mapped thus:




how do I code a link to this using MT tags?


Stumped, must be simple.



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I am sorry that someone has not responded to your post. Most of us here use Wordpress and not Movable Type. Don't bump threads just because you have not received a response. Remember this is the weekend and maybe the person that can help you just hasn't logged in to check the forums yet.

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I'm one of the lone MT hold outs around here, but I'm not sure what you're asking about. Are you trying to have your category archives in two places? Probably my ignorance, but can you elaborate on what that path means? I'm not sure what the '%-c' & '%i' means. Also, what version of MT are you running?


You could also try the MT support forums. Probably find some folks with with more knowledge than me.

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thanks both. (salguod - the %-c etc is an archive file mapping).


I've solved this. The answer is to think about the problem as you think about the mapping. I.e. if I have an alternate category archive I can link to it from the preferred archive using a relative url.


I re-wrote the mapping thus: %-c/imagebrowser/%i . Then I used this href from the normal archive page: imagebrowser/<MTArchiveFile> - this is all I need because I'm at the same directory level and just need to pop into the additional directory for the alternate archive (MTArchiveFile). Solves the immediate issue anyway. Too relative a problem to get into the Six Apart documentation (and their MTforums are sslow).




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