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Tch Doing Web Design!


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Hi Everyone...

Lets talk a little bit about TCH Web design.


How much would it cost to do a smaller version of the website pricewatch.com?

I mean I'll add the product, the description, the prices and all the product research ect,...


how much would it cost just to make a smaller version of pricewatch.com, Meaning just the script, the database and the basic links to the database. I think if i can get that far i can figure out the rest later on when i want to add different fields to search for?


Does TCH do this or do they just do the basic 1-3 page Html stuff?


If anyone else is interested also and possibly needs some funds on the side of their normal job this would really help me out.


I just want a basic beginners site, no fancy pictures just text for the links but of cources i'd need pics for the products which again i'd upload and maintain.


Let me know. I'm still stuck.

Does anyone have any links to people who do web design in this fasion if TCH doesnt do it?

I really need your help guys.



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You should check out a rent-a-coder website like was mentioned to you in one of your other threads.


Thank You TCH-Dick!


Bruce,.. I did but the 2 sites i went to wanted $5 for the listing or the request to have someone make this script for me.

I thought $5 just for a post to see if anyone wanted to take on this task was a bit much.


If you know of a Free Site where i can request this,.. By all means please let me know please. Plus your main homepage still says you guys do web design, unless thats a ploy to get new customers,... So thats why i thought i'd ask if you guys would make it, right here in this thread. But TCH-Dick made it clear you guys arnt taking on anymore websites.



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