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  1. Hey Guys,... Thank You Very Much, I just now say this. I appreciate you guys thinking about me Jim
  2. I including the www. in configure.php file and now all is well. The files inside the directory no longer show up. Do you think i still need to open a ticket for this and feel that there might be an error in the htaccess somewhere?? Jim
  3. Hi, My name is Jim and i'm really hoping someone here can help me with my question please. I'm very new to osCommerce so i'm sorry if this these may seem like easy questions but please help. I installed OSC using Fantastico thru my server host so it was pretty much automatically installed for me but i cannot figure out how to change or solve the questions that i have. #1. Up top left corner in the menu area where says "Top" and "Catalog" (After a Fresh New Install) under the osCommerce logo, When i click on "Top" it takes me to http://DOMAIN NAME.com and not http://www.DOMAIN NAME.com and by doing so it shows all of the files that are in that directory instead of taking it to the index.php file. What file do i edit or where do i go and change this so that when i click on "Top" it goes to http://www.DOMAIN NAME.com and Not http://DOMAIN NAME.com ? It seems like an easy fix but after hours of searching thru .php files and searching the OSC Forums site including this one i am STUMPED! Could someone assist me please? Thank You very much in advanced. Jim
  4. Hi All. I was wondering if there was anyone out there that would be interested in adding another website to their Portfolio? Currently i have my main website (out of 4 that i have hosted here) which is www.rcpricewatch.com forwarded directly to the links page because i'm unable to come up with a good enough looking page to use as my main page. I was wondering if there was someone out there that was just getting in to the field of graphics or have been around for awhile that would like to be able to add another page or site to their portfolio. I'm looking for a nice colorful graphics for the main page showing RC Related products such as RC Helicopters, Airplanes, Cars, Trucks, Transmitters, Clouds in the sky,... Whatever, like i said i was unable to be creative enough to make one i actually liked. Some "Sample" Images would be like,... These are just Samples Images of how i would want them displayed in one circle or square in the center of the page with the Sky in the background or the glow of orange and red behind the images, Inverted Helicopter or a Plane Vertical etc,... I really hope someone is willing to help me out with this and i hope to hear from someone soon. Thank You for your help. Jim
  5. Okay cool. Thank You. I'll try it that way. I guess theres really no way of knowing if it actually worked or not is there? Jim
  6. Hmm,... So if i want to try and block an IP address, Do i just use the Numbers or the whole thing like this example "pool-71-98-220-160.tampfl.dsl-w.verizon.net" Also,... Is there a way to get their IP if that person has sent an email to me? Jim
  7. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to see a log of all IP address from people who have visited my website in the last week or longer somewhere inside the cPanel? I want to block a person who has been taking graphics from the site. Thank You for your help. Jim
  8. Well,... I signed up with x10 and get 550mb of free space by filling out a bunch of different suveys. I opened up the cPanel and the cPnael looks just like the one that we have but it seems to have about 15 extra icons that i havent checked out yet. But anyway i set forth to publishing my shop using ShopFactory and Bing, Bang, Boom. Everything uploaded and uploaded in minutes. See attachments. Normally trying to upload the shop to my server here is a 30 minute deal but in just about 5 minutes the site was uploaded and working. No time outs or errors. Very strange. Jim
  9. I'm signing up to a Free Hosting Site right now to see if i get the same issues when using FTP or Uploading. Jim
  10. It fails using Front Page Yes. It also fails using Shopfactory which from as far as i can tell it just uses FTP to transfer the files to the server. I also get time outs using WS-FTP also. Even when i open IE and FTP to my account and try to transfer files it times out. This isnt something that has just started. This has been an issue since day one and it's going on several years now and two different ISP providers. I'm stumped and i can see this going to the same place it went to the last time i tackeled this issue. Last time i got tired of going back and forth, try this, try that, try this again. Call someone else. I got burned out last time and just gave up but now that i'm using shopfactory again it's just driving me nuts eveytime i try to publish or upload the files to the server. Yep support ticket was opened already. My last email i received was to try Telnet mrsignsndecals.com 21 All that did was open a telnet connection,.. see attachement. Jim
  11. Here we go,... I disconnected the router and connected directly to the modem. {EDITED} I'm trying to publish again to see what happens
  12. Hmmm,... Interesting. Am i sure i'm even connected to the internet? Ummm it seems like it since my email, browsers and downloads are working. It's Cable Internet. I just did a format, Theres nothing installed except Windows, My Video Card Drivers, Raid Drivers, ShopFactory, Frontpage 2003, WS_FTP, Outlook, MS Word, Everquest and Printer Drivers. Windows FireWall is Disabled.
  13. Probably 4 months ago was the last time. It was installed on my PC until yesterday when i did the format on my hdd. I just never used it. What does it mean when it says Request has timed out? Please See attachemt 3 posts up. Jim
  14. Do you need to be using FireFox in order to use FireFTP? I'm not a fan of FireFox browser.
  15. okay,.. so i'm at the dos command prompt c:\> I type in tracert mrsignsndecals.com And i receive errors. Please see attachment. Did i type something in wrong?
  16. Yeah i wouldnt think 4mb would be an issue either. But ShopFactory times out, WS_FTP times out, IE times out when i'm connected directly to ftp:// and this isnt something that has just started either. It's been like this since day one. It's just that with ShopFactory i do a lot of publishing and it's just getting on my nerves having to sit here babysitting the upload is all. Running tracert now. Thanks Bruce. Jim
  17. How do you run tracert? Everytime i run it in the Run command a window pops up and closes. I tried searching on here "How to run tracert", "Running tracert" I keep getting errors searching this place. Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, but we did not find any matches to display. Try again and broaden your search criteria. If you were searching for new posts since your last visit, it's possible that there are none to show.
  18. Going by WS_FTP and right clicking on the "shop" directory on mrsignsndecals.com it reports 3,758,560 Bytes. So less than 4 mb Where can i find the directions for running "tracert"? I guess i'll do a search for it. I believe while doing my searches earlier for a solution that seemed to be the most popular response to everyone else who had the same issues, run tracert and submit a support ticket. It doesnt seem like an issue on my side because all i have to do is click publish again and it starts to reupload everything again so i'm pretty sure that clicking the publish button which is right there in front of me is quicker than i think having to go to start, run and typing that in so i guess we'll see what it says and since it does it every single time i publish or upload you'll be getting a support ticket within minutes. Thank you Jim
  19. Actually it's a new ISP. It's Comcast now where before it was RoadRunner. So it's two different ISP's, Same problem. What is it i should be checking with Comcast? I've only had Comcast for about 4-5 months now where i had RoadRunner for ummm,... A long time, Several years. {EDITED} My accounts are: OnlineAutorama.US Cazaland.com RCPriceWatch.com MrSignsNDecals.com
  20. Hi,... I've been with TCH for a few years now and man,... What is up with the problems with uploading using FTP? It doesnt matter what program i use. If i use WS_FTP it times out or erros, Frontpage Times Out, ShopFactory Errors out with a message saying failed to publish files due to server disk full or broken connection and even using Internet Explorer with a direct FTP connection. I just did a format of my HDD and have only installed a very few things just to get my system back up and running. No Anti Virus, No Spam Blocker, No Firewall, Not even windows Firewall. I don't understand and it's getting very very old having to upload files 5 and 6 times if not more just to get everything uploaded with out connection errors. I submitted a ticket a long, long time ago and I was told it was something on my PC causing it to fail so now that i had to do a format on my PC the problem remains. I did a search and there are reports of this problem going ALL THE WAY BACK TO 2003. I've attached a screen capture of the error that ShopFactory reports back to me when it fails. Now what I'll have to do is keep clicking on publish 4 or 5 times until it finally gets all the files uploaded. This happens on ALL 4 of the Server Disk Space or Accounts that I own here so it's not just happening to one account. It happens on all of mine, All 4 of them. Is there a Fix for this issue and not a "Workaround" because a Workaround isnt really a solution to the problem. I'd like to be able to use the programs and software i use for uploading as they were designed to be used. Thank you. Jim
  21. Did it show the name of the script or the name of the person who wrote it? Maybe i can find it that way.. If you had to guess,... What name would you think that script on that page would be called? I know that it really could be anything,... But what would you name it by chance and i'll try different variances of it.
  22. Hmm,.. That site doesnt work. http://www.javascript.internet.com/ I wonder what the name of it might be and then i could do another search. How did you find that info out and did it give the name of the script by chance? Thanks for posting.
  23. Well,... Since this is the "Looking for......" Thread and I'm looking for something,... Hopefully this is the right spot for this. Hi. I'm really new to this whole new world and i'm sure this question has been asked a million times. I've tried searching but i just don't even know what it is i'm looking for. I'm looking for a script i'm guessing unless Frontpage can do this, that will allow a visitor to look at an example the page and then change the type of font being used in that example, I'd also like for them to be able to change the size and the color of it also. While doing searches i actually found a site that has this ability and this is exactly what i need. The website that I found is: http://www.boat-lettering.com/imggen/index.html This is exactly the same way i would like my visitors to be able to do. This is going to be for a Greetings Card Shop and I would like for them to be able to type in what they want the card to say, What font they want to use, It's size and the color. Could someone please help me with this? If you happen to know the direct link to the script i'm looking for that would be even better. Some people just give the name of something and it turns out that there are 50 other scripts with that name. Thats how i found that site, Again someone just said look for a font changer but that as you can see hasnt helped me one bit. So if you have the direct link i would be more than happy to try the script out you suggest. Thanks again.
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