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Flash Menu Issues With Server?

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i have a flash menu that is installed on a clients website.

It works great locally, but when it’s uploaded to the server, it doesn’t appear to work properly.(to me anyways)


I have tripled checked that all files are there and they are. It appears that the menu (to me) is shaking and im unable to get the click functions to work at various times. The mouseovers also don’t appear properly at times.


I have a black unedited menu here:


Live menu with issues im seeing is on this site


Anyone have any advice or thoughts? Or is it just me and my system?

You should see a black or blue colored menu bar with mouseovers and some dropdown menus...


just an fyi, this flash based mehu also uses a .js file.



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It works fine for me on Firefox.


Both have mouseover issues with IE7, but that's not what I think you are talking about.


actually that is exactly what im talking about. the odd part is .js file is supposed to fix that issue.

what makes no sense is locally its fine and the demo version of the scipt worked fine as well.

the vendor has been no help. grrrrr

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hello: hope you are having fine day! mine is stuck on this same problem: I add .swf flash file in dreamweaver cs3 and it works fine locally in ie and firefox... but not in hosted versions... please help if you have knowledge... thanks...



there should be an embedded webmovie4.swf in the index file at http://www.musicalmissions.com

and there should be an embedded amshomepage01..swf at http://www.musicalmissions.com/test02.html



they both play fine when I open my local browsers... they don't appear via the hosted versions although I can see the embedded flash files if I "open source" online...



cameron powers

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