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  1. A last minute reseller hosting questions. If I resell and a customer has an issue im not able to resolve, how is this handled? Or with any problem, are you still the customer support center?
  2. I believe this is where the auctioneer would yell SOLD!
  3. Hmm, sounds like material I read for my ciw e-commerce exam. Was a breakdown of e-commerce similar to what your looking for.
  4. I’ve worked my way through the forums and I probably missed this, so I apologize if it’s been covered elsewhere. I currently have 4 sites hosted with you, each on virtual hosting, starter plans. I have a project coming up where I will need 6 domain names, targeting the same account and ill need the ability to not just park them but make them actively work with the primary account. From reading the forums I understand my best route is a reseller account and I have no issues with it. However, Is it possible to move my existing accounts to the reseller account, without cost and without any major malfunctions of the existing sites to make management easier on my part? Two have some intensely configured wordpress blogs and another an oscommerce cart. Thanks in advance, Mike
  5. Hmm, getting CAPTCHA to work was pretty simple. My understanding is that CAPTCHA prevents a flood of garbage submissions from the form. My question is, does that prevent the page scanners from picking up the email address embedded in the script? If not, what can one do to prevent that? BTW i used the CAPTCHA information off of http://www.captcha.biz and altered it to work with my already built contact us form.
  6. TCH Staff.... do you recommened any particular script etc for a contact us form?
  7. actually that is exactly what im talking about. the odd part is .js file is supposed to fix that issue. what makes no sense is locally its fine and the demo version of the scipt worked fine as well. the vendor has been no help. grrrrr
  8. i have a flash menu that is installed on a clients website. It works great locally, but when it’s uploaded to the server, it doesn’t appear to work properly.(to me anyways) I have tripled checked that all files are there and they are. It appears that the menu (to me) is shaking and im unable to get the click functions to work at various times. The mouseovers also don’t appear properly at times. I have a black unedited menu here: Live menu with issues im seeing is on this site Anyone have any advice or thoughts? Or is it just me and my system? You should see a black or blue colored menu bar with mouseovers and some dropdown menus... just an fyi, this flash based mehu also uses a .js file. Mike
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