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Weird Problems Persisting

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Well im pretty sure this is something going wrong my end now but im not totally sure but if anyone has herd of firefox doing these things please tell me how to slap it back into working properly.



Soooo i used to own and had my website originally set up with www.mmogamingnetwork.com ... which is a biiiit long ... so i got www.mmogn.com ... makes sence ya?



i then thought hmnn why am i still paying for mmogamingnetwork.com when i dont use it, so i stopped paying for it.


the only problem now is that when i link to another page using /directory or www.mmogn.com/directory with no finishing "/" it links to mmogamingnetwork.com which has been bought be one of those spammage links to crap companys.


Also just recently it seems firefox has forgotten my css style sheets exsist ... im guessing this could also be something to do with linking as before maybe?


so as an example www.mmogn.com/tm links to mmogamignetwork and www.mmogn.com/tm/ links to (a page that says tony marino).


anyone known of this happening before?

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It sounds almost like mmogm.com is parked on top of mmogamingnetwork.com and UseCanonicalName is not turned off (so anything without a trailing slash will go to whatever the primary domain is).


Given that you aren't using mmogamingnetwork.com anymore, you should probably have your account changed so mmogm.com is your primary domain name and mmogamingnetwork.com isn't referenced anymore.

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Welcome to the forums chopki-mmogn ;)


If you were hosting mmogamingnetwork.com meaning that's what you used to register your hosting. Did you tell the help desk you are no longer using it and using the new name? If not you should open a ticket with the help desk and let them know.

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