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  1. grrr too tired atm .... just typed this once but accidentaly hit X and lost it all ... the joys ... grumble grumble SOOOOO i output the news from php+mysql databasing joys and in firefox it just comes out as some text in my loverly little table, but in IE it comes out in a crazy condensed little column .... random aye .. i could jjust be way to tired and insane but ive tried all ur table and alignment formating and such but its peeing me off. http://www.mmogn.com/tm/ - the column to the right in IE 6xx http://www.mmogn.com/ the news bits all is fine in FF .. as usual
  2. ahaaa that could be the problem. thx for the welcome... i registered before but due to my amazing lazyness i forgot my password and what e-mail and username i used for it so i re-registered ill open up a ticket pronto - thx for help
  3. Well im pretty sure this is something going wrong my end now but im not totally sure but if anyone has herd of firefox doing these things please tell me how to slap it back into working properly. Soooo i used to own and had my website originally set up with www.mmogamingnetwork.com ... which is a biiiit long ... so i got www.mmogn.com ... makes sence ya? i then thought hmnn why am i still paying for mmogamingnetwork.com when i dont use it, so i stopped paying for it. the only problem now is that when i link to another page using /directory or www.mmogn.com/directory with no f
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