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Hi! I'm hiring someone to work on my SMF forum, and he requests access to the source code of the file. I assume this means he needs to get into the server, but that would mean giving him my password - and since I like my password - I don't want to give it away! :thumbup1:


So - is there some other way to get the code to him (including existing modifcations installed, etc.?) If I change my password, can I change it right back again, after he get's what he needs from the server? Am I making any sense at all???



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You can do it one of 2 ways.....


He is asking for a copy of the code, so you can download it using FTP - and give it to him, he can modify it and you can upload it.




You can set up an FTP account for him to have access to that directory - with his own password. Let him in to change things (and he has no access to your cpanel, emails etc) then you simply delete the FTP account afterwards.

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