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Newbie To Forms Where Is Mysql?


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Ok, after finding out that I can not use the form upload option that comes

with Microsoft Frontpage due to totalchoice using Apache.... not complaining

totalchoice has had great service...


At any rate I have gone an acuired form making software. Due to the fact

I have absolutly NO understanding of it.... Again, I use frontpage.


In order for me to go any further I need these 3 questions answered :)


Anyone willing to help a novice would be greatly appreciated.



c) Enter your MySQL database full path in the "MySQL host" field;


e) Enter your MySQL database login and password in corresponding fields;


f) Enter your MySQL database name in the "MySQL database name" field;

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Thank You, upon leaving the message I saw somewhere else where he

posted information on MySQL. I was just about to write and let everyone

know that I had found something.


Thank You again for all the support you guys give.



Sorry, I forgot to add the link to a movie tutorial explaining how to set up a mysql database in cpanel.
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