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  1. THANK YOU! It is a step in the right direction.
  2. Hello, I am trying to put together a form that allows people to pretty much make their webpage themselves.... the coding will then be emailed to us and we can basically cut and past. My problem is I know didly squat about perl... and had someone put something together for me. So, below is the script. I also have a questions 1) Do I need to upload this via ftp with certain settings (777..). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance. #!/usr/local/bin/perl # setup prefix for replacement in template... # case sensitive $tprefix = "VFITEMPLATE-"; # form variable name prefix... # case sensitive $fprefix = "vfi-"; #filepath for the template file... $templatefile = "template.html"; # return URL from name (put a HIDDEN value in the submission # form called the value of this with the return URL) $ returl = "returl"; # email to send the completed HTML to $sendto = "support@voiceforinmates.com"; # email address it will come from... $sendfrom = "support@voiceforinmates.com" # subject for the email $esubject = "Completed VFI Template"; ###### CODE BELOW ###### # get form post data... parse_formdata( ); # load template into memory... open (X, "<$templatefile"); $tdata = ""; while(<X>) { # read every line ($_is the value of the last <X>) $tdata .= $_; } close(X); # ok... go through our form variables that start with $fprefix # and swap out every $tprefix-varname with the value from the form # submission... foreach $fvar (@formvars) { if (substr($fvar ,0, length ($fprefix)) eq "$fprefix") { # matches our prefix... $fname = substr($fvar, length ($prefix), lenght($fvar)); $value = $Form{$fvar}; # find all of them in $tdata (the copy of the template) $tname = "$tprefix$fname"; (@vx) = split (/$tname/, $tdata); $ntdata = ""; foreach $vx (@vx) { $ntdata .= $vx; $ntdata .= $value; } # we append an extra>>> wipe it out... $tdata = substr ($ntdata,0, length ($ntdata)-length ($value)); } } # ok... send the email open (X, "|/usr/sbin/sendmail -t"); print X "To: $sendto\n"; print X "From: $sendfrom\n"; print X "Subject: $esubject\n\n"; print X "$tdata"; print X "\n\n"; close(X); # we're done! # send them to $returl print "Location: $Form{$returl}\n\n"; exit # my subroutine for parsing form post in perl sub parse_formdata { if (uc($ENV{'REQUEST METHOD'}) eq 'POST') { read (STDIN,$inbuf , $ENV{'CONTENT LENGTH'}); $clen = $ENV{'CONTENT LENGTH'}; } else { #assume its GET $inbuf = $ENV{QUERY STRING'}; $clen = length ($inbuf); } # split it up... my @fsets = split(/\&/, $inbuf); # clean them up... foreach $f (@fsets) { my ($var ,$marg) = split(/\=/,$f); $marg =~ tr/+/ /; $var =~ s/%(..)/ chr(hex($1)) /eg; $marg =~ s/%(..)/ chr(hex($1)) /eg; $Form{$var} = $marg; push(@formvars,$var); } }
  3. Hello, does anyone know if there is a free php script or cart that works with TCH and Google Checkout. The problem I am having is that Google has a "checkout button" however if you wish to give a customer the option of addons you need a cart or somekind of script.. from what I can see. Thanks for any support given.
  4. Hello everyone, although I am not certain anyone here can help I figured at the very least this would be a warning to others. We have had a REAL issue with a company named Maltuzi buying misspellings of our domain name. After ALOT of research I have discovered this is due mainly to where you go to register your domain. Example: We goto totalchoicehostings link and from there we clicked to see if a certain domain was available. However many sites (and I am not stating totalchoice does this) if you do not buy the domain at once somehow your domain name request is then sent to this major purchasing company who decides to "taste" your domain name to see if it generates traffic.... I suppose the long story short of this is they now have a few misspellings of our domain name and have placed a bunch of pay per click links on their site litterally using info off of our site. They will take words, statements whatever from us and use it in their page to generate hits. Many are mistakenly going there site instead or trying to e-mail us yet mispelling the domain name... Apparently they also practiced this with Microsoft who from what I can see has a lawsuit against them... At any rate PLEASE be careful with who you use to see if a domain name is available. From what I see you need to go right to the source internic.com I believe.... Sincerely, Darnell
  5. I appreciate the response, I thought this may be the case. I have upgraded a few times already just not certain I will not exceed my current plan...(or worse any plan totalchoice has to offer) I hold very large legal transcripts online. (in pdf).. some are over 2,000 pages long.
  6. Ok, this may or may not be a silly question and I am not a computer genius by any means (smile). I am about to install a Network Drive mainly for accessibility of the same files thru out my home. However I am reading something that may benefit me greatly (if I am reading it correctly). I would like to store files that are generally on my website on this hard drive, where they could click on the link and still get the file. Is this possible? I ask due to the fact that I will be exceeding my storage capacity through my hosting service SOON! and would like a better option. In case it is important I am on broadband cable... the drive I am refering to will be installed through a hub. Thanks for everything.
  7. Thank You, this has been going on all weekend. The end response I have been getting from the help desk.... is this is a Frontpage issue. Was hoping someone else had come across this and could possibly help resolve. They've just passed this up to their level 2 technical support center. Again, thanks.
  8. Windows XP network Connection will not work The mail forms on my website are all of a sudden coming up "do not have permissions" Hello, this problem began over the weekend. First I would like to state the only things I have done different to the site. 1. I went to your redirect option and pointed a few url's... 2. I went to the subdomain option and forwarded a name just to see how it worked (it was erased afterwards) Ok, this being said I have spoken to Alex and Jason regarding these issues. They asked me to do a full back up, download everything to MY computer. I did (however) the download was corrupted. I have opened the zipped download and it seems to all be there so where the corruption lyes I am not 100% certain. Now that I have this download what do I do next? Unfortunately, I do not fully understand what they ask to fix the issue. They state these are all MS Frontpage issues. The reason I can not use windows XP Network Connection (which I have used for 5yrs now) is due to Frontpage. I am a novice to this whole thing and design my 90% of my site through frontpage due to the site itself being fairly straight forward (no java etc...) This is a messaging service and it being down for 3 days now seriously affects business. I am willing to go back a few days back up if this helps correct the issue. If I recall (yesterday was a hectic day due to mothers day and a birht day) they stated the only back up they had was for the 12th. Please let me know what it will take to correct this issue. More info on the problem below: When I goto cpanel and try to install frontpage extensions I get this as part of the results (however it says fp is installed) .........Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Error #20003 Message: Cannot create folder "_vti_cnf". (OS Error #13 Message: Permission denied) Thank You for taking the time to look at this posting. Darnell
  9. Thank You, upon leaving the message I saw somewhere else where he posted information on MySQL. I was just about to write and let everyone know that I had found something. Thank You again for all the support you guys give.
  10. Ok, after finding out that I can not use the form upload option that comes with Microsoft Frontpage due to totalchoice using Apache.... not complaining totalchoice has had great service... At any rate I have gone an acuired form making software. Due to the fact I have absolutly NO understanding of it.... Again, I use frontpage. In order for me to go any further I need these 3 questions answered Anyone willing to help a novice would be greatly appreciated. c) Enter your MySQL database full path in the "MySQL host" field; e) Enter your MySQL database login and password in corresponding fields; f) Enter your MySQL database name in the "MySQL database name" field;
  11. Thank You for the response, all the more reason NOT to use MSN
  12. I log into cpanel and go to mail then autoresponders and the main page pops up and then I scroll to the bottom and click add new responder and the page comes up. After I have put all the information in and click the create autoresponder button, it takes me to an error page, 1 of 2, either, page cannot be found or please put in email address to be created. Are there server issues or something we don't know about?
  13. Hello, is anyone else having trouble with the tchstatus online service and MSN? My icon only shows a question mark. I have googled various status icon and instant message services and read that there are issues with MSN and outside services... Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, and thank you for taking the time to read this post. More often than I would like the online status icons. The the online tch... service are not viewable on my site. Unfortuantely, I do not see anything where I can simply place the images on OUR site as apposed to having to grab them from tch themselves. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this simply a small sacrifice we are willing to accept? I for one would rather have my icons not show from time to time then totally scrap the service Thanks in advance Darnell Barber
  15. Hello everyone, I am somewhat a novice to html coding. Nevertheless I run a website using frontpage. www.voiceforinmates.com where family, friends and pen pals can send messages to inmates free. We basically print out the emails and send them via regular mail to the participant... I am looking for a script that I can add to each personal page where people can upload a photo, they can then view the photo as a thumbnail and that photo is sent to an individual preset email address... I am also (if possible) looking to be able to limit the amount of photo's that can be sent per month... If anyone knows of anyt free scripts with this options it would be a BIG help. Thank You for taking the time to read my message. Darnell Barber darnellbarber@voiceforinmates.com
  16. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE SMILE Samrc you in particular. I figured it had to be a fairly simple solution. I am using the webprotect option as you suggested. It is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again everyone your input was again greatly appreciated. Darnell
  17. Hello everyone, I am in need of something that may be fairly simple. I have a website that I am developing www.voiceforinmates.com And want to have password protected downloadable files on each personal page. Basically I would like to present a link on each personal page where there are downloadable documents BUT! you must have the password THEY have chosen for their document in order to be able to actually download it. example: Legal transcripts..... Thank You for any help given. Darnell
  18. FIXXED! First I want to thank EVERYONE! here for assisting me the way you have. It goes to show how invaluable forums are. 2nd I want to thank the ONE Totalchoice support technician that actually did not state it was a client issue on my end and fixxed the problem. Carl Noonan Thank You. Deverill, in response to why I am using the worse of the 2 ways of uploading. Frontpage does not work well with the FTP network connection. But the http connection is smooth. Unfortunately I don't write my own html code. So, I am a slave to the software..... It was mentioned somewhere before to reinstall my fp extensions I thought I did it but I must have not done it properly. Mr. Noonan did just that Again, thank you everyone. Darnell
  19. Hello Stevevan, absolutely nothing is trifle (smile) I am DESPERATE lol. Well, the problem is not going to the site via the browser. The problem is using the "add a network" wizard and choosing the http option for only this site. My other sites do not have an issue. I can even add OLD sites that I have not managed in over a year... But this one site after I type it in the box does not give me an option of entering user name and password. It just gives me the "folder invalid" comment I mentioned earlier.
  20. What troubles me the most. Is that this HAS happened before. I have used several different FTP clients which work fine. But THEN if I try an HTTP connection afterwards walla no connection. Since the last time this took place I have completely restored my computer to factory settings and chose to use the xp ftp client as apposed to cute ftp and another one I can not remember. In hopes it was the software and not a server issue. But, upon using xp's ftp client I get the same problem. And have been unable to http my domain for almost 2 days now. I have explained the situation in detail to customer support and got this response. See Below A TotalChoice Staff Member has replied to your Help Desk Ticket with the following: Hello, I checked the ftp server and verified that it is working fine. The issue seems to be the client that you are using. I was able to get a ftp connection without any problems. Since this is not a server configuration issue, we cannot do much. Please check out our forums at http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/forums, as you can find many people there who are using such softwares and are willing to help others. Thank you, Carl Noonan Support Services TotalChoice Hosting, L.L.C If you would like to personally discuss any issues, I can be reached via Instant messenger. AOL - tchgurucarl
  21. Thanks again, no I am not trying to install via frontpage. BUT Frontpage does use the same http connection not the ftp so to make any adjustments to the website.... I need the http.... I am thinking somehow I am not being fully logged off the server via the ftp connection. Even though I am clicking out on my desktop. Just don't know how to correct the situation. If it is the case. Although I did consider that this morning and uninstalled and reinstalled the fp connections as you stated. Trying to leave no stone unturned. Has to be something simple I am overlooking. All the input again is definately appreciated.
  22. thanks yes the actual website is voiceforinmates.com And unfortunately I did check firewall blocks etc... I also own barberbulldogs.com and johnsonbulldogs.com which have no issues with an http connection. I did not log onto them via ftp prior... I definately appreciate the input.
  23. Hello and thanks for getting back to me. I am trying to use the add network wizard that comes with xp home addition. I am trying to have a http connection. After clicking on the add network wizard and placing the following in the required box http://www.mywebsite.com I get the following response "the folder you entered does not appear to be valid". Now, I do want everyone to understand this connection seems to work prior to me logging on via an "ftp" connection as apposed to an "http" connection. But after logging on via ftp (which I used to upload phpbb software) I then log out and proceed to attempt to logon via the http which then gives the problem. Which many hours later has not seemed to correct itself. Thanks again
  24. Thanks for getting back to me. I am typing http://www.websitehere.com So, I guess it is an http connection (smile) it works with my other domains. And this is what I need to use for frontpage. As it stands this particular domain I can not correct anything using frontpage. Thanks again
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