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Squirrel Mail not working?


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is squirrel mail not working, or has it always been down?


I get this: No input file specified.


Do I need to open a trouble ticket





I was getting the same message, so I fumbled and stumbled around until I came across a perfect solution (for me):




1.Go to the home page: http://www.mail2web.com/

2. Enter your TotalChoice e-mail address and password

3. Click "Check email"

4. Click "Delete all emails in this folder"


I do this purge once every week or so and dump several hundred spam (often 1000+) from my Inbox. I was getting regular warnings from TCH to clean my SquirrelMail, which I never use. I asked the TCH HelpDesk how I could delete all SquirrelMail messages automatically (because they're redirected to my regular e-mail address so I don't need to keep a second copy). I was told you had to do it all "by hand".


I'm sure one of the friendly TCH moderators will jump in here to correct me if they feel that I'm leading you astray, but I found Mail2Web a real life-saver for cleaning up SquirrelMail.


Hope this helps.



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i'm also having issues w/ squirrel mail on server 12:


Internal Server Error


Unable to open engine binary (php) at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 4505

main::phpHandler() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 3387

main::dodoc_webmaild() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 633

main::dodoc() called at cpsrvd-ssl.pl line 539




cpsrvd/10.9.6 Server at chuckandmelissa.com

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