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I Cannot Delete Files From Cpanel


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My whole domain has been hacked. It is being accessed through CPanel, via an Apache server. I cannot delete FTP accounts that have been added, I get an error (503) when I try to access the FTP logs, there are files I cannot delete. I was advised to clear the account, but I do not know how to do that. Can my Cpanel be reset to defaults? I still need to verify that I have my files backed-up correctly, but I am ready to clear everything and start over.


I have had a very difficult password and have changed the password several times, but they keep getting in.


I need help. I have been trying to get tech support for days and I only get half answers. I was hosting a I AM A SPAMMER site and did not even know it. I need help.


Please help. Please!


My domain is lauralohr.com. I am running wordpress for my blog.

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Your site was not hacked, but your password may be compromised.


I have dug through the several tickets you submitted as well as reviewed your site. The files and FTP accounts you are trying to delete are supposed to be there. The only thing wrong with your site is that you are hosting a guestbook that allows anyone to comment. This has allowed someone to post thousands of I AM A SPAMMER ads to your site. You have already changed your pass, so if you are still concerned we can wipe the site clean.

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Yes AG has become a spammers paradise. Even worse is that if you have it set to allow HTML it will allow any html. Updating to Advanced guestbook 2.4.2 or Lazarus would be my recommendation to help fight the spam and fix some exploits in earlier versions. If you do wish to update your guestbook but are not sure how I am quite willing to walk you through it or even do it for you if you wish.




Actually after looking at your site I see you no longer have the guestbook. In fact you no longer have anything there.

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