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Forgot Where To Start....


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Hey guys,


I designed websites few years ago and since then stopped completely. I don't work in computer field so now I can't even remember what I did.


I just bought domain name and got service from totalchoicehosting. yesterday I installed frontpage extention on my computer and still I can't open my site in frontpage. I know frontpage is not famous to use but I don't know much programming so I have to start there and will learn.


So how do I open my site in frontpage. And I remember something about saving index.htm in public director.

Anyway please tell me where and how to start.


Thanks a lot.



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Check out this page and see if it will help you out. If not, come on back and we'll see what we can do.


Also, you might want to check out Nvu.


Oh...and welcome to the family and forums! Make sure you stop by the "Introductions" section for a "formal" hello!

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My first suggestion is not to start again with Frontpage. Microsoft has stopped providing any support for Frontpage as it has reached its EOL (End of Life) and is being replaced with a product that will NOT be compatable with .nix varations. So the new MS web designer software will only work with MicroSloft servers.


There are many other good software packages out there that will assist you in your efforts to make a nice looking website.

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