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Bbc Presenter In Rocket Car Crash

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I dont know if most of you guys have heard of a tv motoring magazine on the BBC (uk) called top gear.

but the presenters do challenges if you serach you tube for "top gear caravan holiday" they get in trouble with the police for jack knifing a caravan over a road and then they burn two caravans down by accident, its hillarious tv, they tried to destroy a toyota pickup and even demolished it with a skyscraper it still worked..


however 2 days ago one of the presenters richard hammond was to drive a rocket car, unfortunally he crashed it at around 300mph and he survived but is in a serious condition in hospital.


heres is a link to the story


he was driving this



this has been mentioned on many other forums i frequent, and i wish him a full and speedy recovery, he is a legend as far as im concerned of british TV

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some good news... :D


THE moment that Richard Hammond opened his eyes, spoke and took the first steps since his 300mph car crash was described by his Top Gear co-presenter Jeremy Clarkson last night.


“In the wee small hours [late on Thursday night]Richard Hammond suddenly sat up in bed, opened his eyes and asked what had happened,” Clarkson said. He had replied: “You’ve been in a car accident.” Hammond asked whether he had been driving stupidly “before getting out of bed and walking, shakily, to the lavatory”, Clarkson writes in today’s Sun.
A group of motoring enthusiasts have raised almost £55,000 in donations and gift aid for the helicopter ambulance that took Hammond to hospital. Wellwishers on the internet forum pistonheads.com set up a webpage (www.justgiving.com/phrichardhammond ) so that contributions could be made to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance charity. They had hoped to cover the cost of Hammond’s flight to hospital, but the fundraising target has now been updated to the equivalent of 151 flights.


also a well done to the fundraisers. the HEMS service (helicopter emergency medical service) is a charity and support like that is amazing!


source - The times online [uk]

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