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Gif Or Jpg On Secure Server?

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Create a link to the image using the following example:



- replace xx with your server number (shown at the top of the cpanel)

- use your cpanel user name

- identify the folder where you have your images stored (sample has image_folder)


Oh, by the way, if you have the hot linking protection turned on, you must put in your shopping cart as allowed to access the image.

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Where is the IMAGE you want to display located is the main question you need to ask and answer.


If the image you want to show on your secure page is in the shop directory, you would link to it like this:



If the image is stored in a folder called images then it would look like this:



If you have your image stored in a folder called images INSIDE the shop folder then you would use this:




Same formatting. You just adjust it to fit YOUR website, your server and where your image is located.

You can have the shop files pull in an image that is stored in a different directory without a problem.

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